Your Metastatic Breast Cancer Specialists

Metastatic breast cancer is any breast cancer that has spread – or metastasized – beyond the breast where it began. Because metastatic breast cancer is more complex and difficult to treat than cancers that have not spread, it is imperative to seek treatment from breast cancer specialists who excel in addressing late-stage cancers.

Moffitt Cancer Center’s renowned Don & Erika Wallace Comprehensive Breast Program offers the latest advancements in metastatic breast cancer treatment. Led by Brian Czerniecki, MD, our multispecialty team of breast cancer specialists collaborate to develop individualized treatments for each patient based on his or her specific diagnosis, age and overall health. This team includes:

  • Fellowship-trained surgeons
  • Medical oncologists
  • Radiation oncologists
  • Pathologists
  • Radiologists
  • Plastic surgeons
  • Fertility preservation specialists
  • Other specially trained professionals

Metastatic breast cancer can impact any area of the body, but it most often travels to the bones, liver, lungs or brain. At Moffitt, our team includes oncologists who excel in all types of cancer treatment and work hand-in-hand with our breast cancer specialists as necessary to help ensure the best possible outcomes and quality of life for our patients. Moreover, Moffitt is a high-volume cancer center, which means our specialists have a unique level of experience in addressing even the most uncommon and challenging cases of metastatic breast cancer.

Beyond traditional breast cancer treatment

One of the many factors that sets Moffitt apart from other cancer centers is our robust clinical trial program, which allows patients with metastatic breast cancer to receive the some of the latest innovations in treatment before those options are made available elsewhere. Our commitment to research and discovering breakthrough treatments has led to our designation as a Comprehensive Cancer Center from the National Cancer Institute. Furthermore, breast cancer patients at Moffitt also have access to supportive care specialists in the same location that they receive clinical treatment. Our supportive care team includes pain management specialists, counselors, social workers, dietitians, yoga instructors, acupuncturists and other professionals who help patients overcome the challenges of living with metastatic breast cancer.

If you would like to speak with a breast cancer specialist at Moffitt, you don’t need a referral. Just call 1-888-663-3488 or complete a new patient registration form online.