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How to stay connected with loved ones during your time at Moffitt

At Moffitt Cancer Center, we take a patient- and family-centered approach to cancer treatment.  We are committed to the health and safety of our patients and their families above all else.  This means more than developing individualized treatment plans and providing expert cancer care for our patients – it also means that our clinical and supportive care teams view our patients and their families as partners, ensuring that they are always heard and able to take an active role in their own care.

Why choose Moffitt?

The bottom line: We care about our patients’ comfort, safety and well-being and want to make sure they have all the information they need when they visit us. This section of our website offers information about:

  • Virtual Visits – New and established patients as well as those seeking a second opinion can connect with a cancer expert through face-to-face video appointments using their computer, tablet or mobile device. 
  • Becoming a patient – Learn how to best prepare for your first appointment, or for a short- or long-term hospitalization.
  • Lodging – Learn about our nearby partner hotels and alternative lodging options, including Hope Lodge and other furnished housing.
  • What to do while at Moffitt – Learn about our wide range of amenities, such as our salon, pharmacy and lounge for adolescents and young adults.
  • Programs and support services – Learn about our various programs and supportive care, including everything from counseling and support groups to help with nutrition and quitting smoking. We even offer Integrative Medicine Service to promote healing and wellness through activities like yoga and massage, as well as Supportive Care Medicine teams that help with managing issues of all kinds, whether physical, emotional, social or spiritual.
  • International referral services – Learn about the support available to patients coming to Moffitt from areas outside the United States.
  • Insurance and financial information – Learn about health insurance coverage, the potential costs of cancer treatment and the financial assistance that may be available to you.

To speak with someone at Moffitt Cancer Center or request a visit, call 1-888-663-3488 or fill out a new patient registration form

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