Obtain a Cost Estimate

After a cancer diagnosis, time is critical. You are not alone in this journey. Moffitt Cancer Center considers you and your care its top priority. You can trust that Moffitt will be there with you through it all, starting with a better understanding of the financial impact of cancer treatment.

We embrace accountability and transparency in health care pricing. We are committed to educating you and your family regarding financial obligations. It is important to think about the costs associated with your treatment. Understanding these costs can help you establish the support, budgeting and financial assistance that may be needed.

A hospital’s charge is the dollar amount that is billed to insurance companies; however, it is typically not what a patient is responsible for paying. Your individual responsibility (out-of-pocket amount) is typically the dollar amount you owe after your insurance company covers their portion. However, it can vary depending on your insurance coverage and benefits.

Many insurance plans cover certain cancer screening tests. Experts have learned that screening for cancer can save lives. At Moffitt, where our specialized physicians use superior diagnostic imaging services, costs may be a little higher. The value is in detecting even the rarest of cancers in the earliest of stages when patients have more treatment options and better outcomes.

If you’d like to become a new patient, we will walk you through the insurance and benefits process during the care journey.

Our goal is to help our patients make informed health care decisions. The following resources provide more information:

We understand that coping with a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming, aside from the associated costs. You can rest assured that our priority is ensuring patients receive the latest, safest, most innovative treatment options for the best, most cost-effective outcome. To learn more about the total cost of care at Moffitt, read our study in partnership with KPMG.  

Moffitt belongs to a group of elite cancer centers as one of only 51 NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers in the country, and the only one based in Florida. In addition, we’ve been ranked the top cancer hospital in the Southeast and the best in Florida by U.S. News and World Report.

Our multispecialty team of experts takes a highly collaborative approach to personalized cancer care providing diagnosis, treatment and support in a single, convenient location. As the largest cancer center in Florida, we treat patients from every county, every state and more than 130 countries.

The combined level of highly specialized expertise and teamwork, coupled with our groundbreaking research, often drives our survival rates and outcomes above the national average and provides our patients with an enhanced quality of life.

If you have any questions about the specific cost of your care at Moffitt, we are here to help. Please call our financial clearance specialist at (813) 745-7300 or email FCUinsurancenavigator@moffitt.org.