Gynecologic Oncology Program

Numerous physicians entrust their patients to the Gynecological Oncology Program at Moffitt Cancer Center. Dedicated to providing accurate diagnoses and comprehensive treatment services, Moffitt is a trusted name in gynecologic oncology and received Highest Ranked in Gynecology in Florida by U.S. News & World Report in 2020.  We work closely with referring physicians and gynecologists to provide the best possible care for women of all ages.

Our comprehensive, advanced Gynecological Oncology Program accepts referrals for women with:

    • A confirmed diagnosis of ovarian, cervical, vaginal, vulvar or endometrial/uterine cancer, germ cell tumors or gynecologic sarcoma
    • Pre-invasive diseases of the cervix, vulva or vagina
    • Gestational trophoblastic disease
    • A suspected diagnosis of any of the above conditions
    • Elevated tumor markers that warrant further diagnostic testing
    • Multiple risk factors, including a personal or family history of gynecological cancer, that warrant risk counseling and screening services

Our clinic offers the latest advancements in diagnostic imaging, laboratory testing and genetic screening, as well as innovations in surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and hormone therapy. Minimally invasive and fertility-sparing approaches are highlights of our program, as we understand the importance of family planning and organ preservation to our patients.

USNWR GYN BadgeWe also have a robust clinical trials program, offering patients the option to access some of the latest treatments before they are widely available elsewhere. Recently completed phase 2 and 3 trials have investigated topics such as intraoperative imaging, immunotherapy and chemotherapy combinations for platinum-resistant TP53-mutated epithelial cancers. No matter which treatment a patient pursues, our tumor board will review her progress on a weekly basis to explore additional resources and treatment options to improve her outcome and quality of life. To learn more about the clinical trials currently available at Moffitt, contact us at 813-745-6100 or 1-800-679-0775 (toll-free) or submit a clinical trials inquiry form.

All of these services are part of a single program for patient and referring physician convenience. Additionally, we prioritize short referral times, so patients spend less time waiting for the care they deserve.

To refer a patient to Moffitt's Gynecological Oncology Program, complete our online form or contact a physician liaison for assistance or support.