Clinical Trials Administration

Join the Clinical Trials Day Celebration!

May 20 is International Clinical Trials Day
Moffitt celebrates #clinicaltrialsday and clinical research professionals across the globe. 

Help us recognize and raise awareness of the people behind the science by saying thank you to your clinical research faculty and staff working to advance public health. Moffitt research team members will be sharing photos with selfie signs, posters, and more!

To learn more about clinical trials available at Moffitt, search the directory of open trials.

Why May 20?

Clinical Trials Day recognizes the day that James Lind started what is often considered the first randomized clinical trial aboard a ship on May 20, 1747. James Lind was a naval surgeon and a pioneer of naval hygiene, on the HMS Salisbury of Britain’s Royal Navy fleet. This was a time when scurvy is thought to have killed more British seamen than French and Spanish arms. Acting on a hunch that scurvy was caused by putrefaction of the body that could be cured through the introduction of acids, Lind recruited men for his “fair test.” (Historians largely agree his Informed Consent process did not measure up to modern standards.) Lind allocated two men to each of six different daily treatments, ranging from garlic to vinegar to oranges and lemons, for a period of fourteen days. Those allocated citrus fruits experienced “the most sudden and good visible effects.” For the use of citrus in curing scurvy, he is “rightly recognized for having taken care to ‘compare like with like’," and the design of his trial inspired and informed future clinical trial design.


About the Clinical Trials Office

The Clinical Trials Office (CTO) supports researchers who develop and conduct clinical trials of new treatments at Moffitt Cancer Center. The CTO: 

  • Assists investigators in screening and enrolling patients for clinical studies
  • Provides information management support for clinical trials
  • Ensures that the clinical trials are compliant with the rules for conducting clinical studies and assists in submitting regulatory documents, annual reviews, and adverse event reporting
  • Provides staff training and education pertaining to clinical studies
  • Coordinates and implements the study’s related orders for participating patients
  • Prepares medical and research records for audits 

 CTO services include: 

  • Protocol initiation, activation, coordination and administration
  • Patient enrollment
  • Coordination of study-related patient care
  • Minority outreach recruitment clinical trials participants
  • Data collection

To learn more about a clinical trial, call 813-745-6100 or 1-800-679-0775 (toll-free) or submit a clinical trials inquiry form online.