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NCI Designation

NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer CenterMoffitt is the only NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center based in Florida.

National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers are recognized for their scientific excellence. They are a major source of discovery and development of more effective approaches to cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

They also deliver medical advances to patients and their families, educate healthcare professionals and the public, and reach out to underserved populations. An NCI-designated Cancer Center may be a freestanding organization, a center within an academic institution, or part of a consortium of institutions. 

Some cancer centers are recognized by the NCI as being "Comprehensive" Cancer Centers. In addition to being recognized for their scientific excellence, those centers designated as "Comprehensive" have demonstrated strengths across all areas of cancer research and have substantial education, training and community outreach activities.

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Comprehensive Cancer Center Research 

Moffitt Cancer Center began its research efforts in 1993 and by 1998 achieved NCI designation. Moffitt became an NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center in 2001. Today, research at Moffitt includes more than 150 investigators organized around five scientific programs - all with an emphasis on translation. Overall, the NCI noted that Moffitt is an important regional and national resource for cancer research and care, and continues to grow. 

Why choose an NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center? 

According to the National Cancer Institute, the "Comprehensive" designation is conferred upon an elite group of cancer centers that represent "the strongest institutions in the nation dedicated to scientific innovation and excellence; to interdisciplinary research, training and education; and to coordinated recognition and pursuit of new research opportunities." Each NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center receives grant support from the NCI and has an enhanced stature that attracts other federal and private grant funding as well. This national prestige also attracts top physicians and scientists from around the world to Moffitt Cancer Center.