Board of Directors, Committee Members Only

Facilities Committee

Lyle Blandon
Mr. Lyle Blandon
Retired, J.O. DeLotto & Sons, Inc.

Kristy Boss
Ms. Kristen B. Boss
Vice President, Deputy General Counsel, Taylor Morrison

TJ Couch
Mr. Theodore J. (TJ) Couch, Jr.
Realtor, Keller Williams Tampa Properties

Joint Audit Committee

Leslie Brady
Ms. Leslie Brady

PR & Marketing Committee

Marty Nealon
Ms. Marty Nealon, Chair
Managing Director, Golden Seeds

Kimberly Casiano
Ms. Kimberly Casiano
President, Kimberly Casiano & Associates

Phil Jones
Mr. Phil Jones
Former Correspondent, CBS News

Mr. Benjamin Tran, CHA
Director of Revenue, TMH Management

Brian Wolfe
Mr. Brian Wolfe
Wolfe Enterprises

Research Committee

Todd Creech
Mr. Todd Creech

Brian Levy
Brian Levy, OD, MSc
Chief Medical Officer, Aerie Pharmaceuticals