Employer Relations

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Moffitt recognizes the value of partnering with organizations to better understand their health care needs and benefits structure. Our Employer Relations program is designed to serve as a connection between Moffitt and community partners. Our team is here to:

  • Keep employers and employees informed to better understand and eliminate cancer risks.

  • Provide information on new programs or partnership opportunities
  •  Facilitate access and referrals

  •  Share clinical trial updates or help facilitate a second opinion on your diagnosis or treatment 

  • Help employers identify how to achieve health and wellness goals through screening and prevention programs.  Stay on top of health news, wellness tips, click Take Charge blog.
Moffitt also offers Screening and prevention services include mammography, colorectal screening, lung screening, genetic testingLab work and blood workPathology and Diagnostic Imaging.


Patrick Skinner
Patrick Skinner