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Center for Digital Health: Meet the Team

Improving patient outcomes and their experience is at the heart of the Center for Digital Health (CDH.) Digital innovation is all about problem-solving and leveraging partner­ships within Moffitt and across industries to think bigger and improve how cancer care is delivered, treated and accessed.

Through collaboration and integration — both inside and outside of Moffitt — we will develop and invest in new digital innovations, tools and technology.

Center for Digital Health 

Within the CDH, each pillar, IT, Health Data Services and Digital, has its unique function. But as projects are cross-functional, these teams will collaborate and contribute to the overall success of Moffitt’s digital innovation strategy.

Edmondo RobinsonEdmondo Robinson, MD, MBA, MS, FACPChief Digital Officer

Dr. Edmondo Robinson leads Moffitt’s Center for Digital Health which leverages the tools of IT, Health Data Services, and Digital Innovation to expand Moffitt’s ecosystem to deliver on consumer-oriented, real-world solutions for clinical practice, research, education, and administrative processes. The Center for Digital Health creates and tests new services, programs, partnerships, and technologies that leverage digital innovations, while challenging the status quo to reduce the cost of care, improve quality, increase access to care, and enhance the patient experience. In addition, he directly cares for Moffitt patients as part of the Internal and Hospital Medicine Program.

Santosh MohanSantosh Mohan, MMCi, CPHIMS, FHIMSS - Vice President, Digital

Santosh Mohan is responsible for launching the Digital organization within Moffitt’s Center for Digital Health. Digital will be instrumental in helping leverage the information technology and health data science competencies at Moffitt to advance the cancer center’s overall strategy. This newly created position and organization will be instrumental in Moffitt’s success as the cancer center accelerates its digital capabilities to advance cancer care, treatment and research. 

Dana RollisonDana Rollison, PhDVice President, Chief Data Officer

As the vice president, chief data officer and the associate center director of Data Science at Moffitt Cancer Center, Dr. Dana Rollison’s role provides oversight of three areas: leadership of the Office of Health Data Services, continuing development and infrastructure planning for Moffitt’s HRI platform and leadership of Quantitative Science. Leveraging her dual role as CDO and ACD, Dr. Rollison seeks to orchestrate and optimize Moffitt’s extensive data assets across clinical, research and operational areas of the organization, thus accelerating scientific discovery and translational research across the cancer center.

Senior Directors and Directors

Pete Daddio

Pete D'Addio - Director, Technology Services

Pete D’Addio is responsible for the administration and delivery of the cancer center’s foundational infrastructure to accelerate digital transformation. D’Addio oversees Moffitt’s IT infrastructure throughout the enterprise. He has positioned the foundation and infrastructure and supporting teams to lead in digital transformation.


Jennie Jones

Jennie Jones, MSHI-HA, CHDA, CTRDirector, Cancer Registry

Jennie Jones is the director of the Cancer Registry. Her role provides strategic direction for Moffitt’s Cancer Registry and is also responsible for facilitating Moffitt’s application for re-accreditation by the American College of Surgeon’s Commission on Cancer. The team manually reviews electronic medical records for all newly diagnosed and/or treated Moffitt patients and abstracts and curates clinical information on demographics, diagnosis, stage, and treatment. This information is critical not only for reporting to state and national cancer registries, but also for a multitude of uses within Moffitt, including clinical pathways reporting, payer strategies analytics, and research studies spanning a variety of disciplines.

Kedar Kulkarni

Dr. Kedar Kulkarni - Senior Director, Health Data Services

Kedar Kulkarni is responsible for the planning and direction of Moffitt’s enterprise analytics ecosystem, including oversight of Data Quality and Business Intelligence, Cancer Registry, Health Informatics, Data Science. Kedar is also responsible for the implementation and adoption of Moffitt cloud-based Cancer Analytics Platform, Data Governance and execution of Moffitt’s enterprise-wide analytics strategy.

Swarna Kuruganti

Swarna Kuruganti - Director, Digital OP Transformation

Swarna Kuruganti is responsible for launching and leading the Digital Operations Transformation team within Moffitt’s Digital Innovation group. This team bridges business goals with technology and health data science competencies within Center for Digital Health to enable more efficient and effective processes within Moffitt’s operations.  She is instrumental in Moffitt’s success in operational excellence, as the cancer center accelerates its digital capabilities to advance cancer care, treatment and research as part of the cancer center’s overall strategy. 

Tony LakinTony Lakin, MSIT, BSCS, CISSP, CDPSE – Chief Information Security Officer

Tony Lakin is responsible for establishing and maintaining an enterprise cybersecurity program to ensure that information assets are adequately protected. He oversees the award-winning Threat Analysis Center, Cybersecurity Operations and the Cybersecurity Governance Risk and Compliance teams. As the organization's designated HIPAA Security Officer, his team coordinates with applications and system administrators to ensure the required technical controls are implemented to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the organization’s mission and business-critical data.

Sissy Marler-Schilling

Sissy Marler-Schilling, MHA - Chief Applications Systems Officer, IT Administration

Sissy Marler-Schilling is responsible for the development and support of applications that optimize the solutions and services across the organization.  She is responsible for all enterprise IT applications and application development services and works in partnership with business partners to drive key initiatives in support of Moffitt’s mission.

Colin MooreColin Moore, MD - Associate Chief Medical Information Officer, Clinical Informatics

Dr. Colin Moore is a triple board-certified pediatric, pediatric hematology/oncology, and clinical informatics physician. He serves as the Associate Chief Medical Information Officer (ACMIO) at Moffitt Cancer Center. He has over eight years of experience in clinical informatics, with a focus on provider workflow optimization, digital innovation, clinical informatics research, and graduate medical education in clinical informatics. Dr. Moore helps oversee the multidisciplinary clinical informatics team and directly cares for Moffitt patients as the Clinical Director of the GeneHome Clinic.

Marc Perkins-Carillo

Marc Perkins-Carillo, MSN, RN-BC, NE-BC, HACP - Director, Clinical Informatics

Marc Perkins-Carrillo is responsible for the development, implementation, and adoption of clinical IT solutions to facilitate patient care. He oversees Moffitt’s Clinical Informatics team for the enterprise ensuring that IT solutions meet the needs of the clinician and regulatory requirements. He works closely with the Moffitt’s Digital team facilitating the Digital Care and Discovery Accelerator initiatives of the organization.

Randa Perkins, MD, FAMIA - Chief Medical Information Officer, Senior Director of Clinical Informatics, Assistant Member, Department of Internal Medicine, Assistant Professor of Medicine, USF College of Medicine

Dr. Randa Perkins is a dual board-certified family medicine and clinical informatics physician. She serves as the Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) at Moffitt Cancer Center. She has been a leader in clinical informatics for over a decade, with a focus on providing collaborative and robust clinical informatics support for entire healthcare systems. Dr. Perkins oversees the multidisciplinary clinical informatics team, including ACMIOs, pharmacy informatics, nursing informatics, and more.

Clint Perkinson

Clint Perkinson - Director, IT Customer Service

Clint Perkinson is responsible for the day-to-day operational interaction with Moffitt Cancer Center’s faculty and staff leading the customer-facing areas of IT such as the Enterprise Service Desk, Enterprise Fleet Management, Biomedical Engineering and the Service Management Office.  Perkinson strives to drive an optimal level of customer service ensuring expectations, process and delivery are all in alignment with the customer’s needs.

Dirk Petersen

Dirk Petersen - Director, Scientific Computing

Dirk Petersen is responsible for developing and implementing Moffitt’s high-performance computing strategy. This includes developing a sustainability model for resource-intensive research resources such as computing and data storage. Petersen has more than 20 years of experience in system engineering, software development, database management, storage architecture, high-performance computing, cloud computing and grant writing. He has been in technical leadership positions in two cancer research centers.

Euwana PowellEuwana Powell, MBA, PMP, ITIL - Director, IT Planning & Portfolio Management

Euwana Powell is responsible for the intake, evaluation, prioritization, and planning of IT projects and activities through IT Governance and IT Portfolio Management. Her team maintains oversight of IT capacity and demand to ensure IT is strategically maximizing the utilization of its resources to effectively enable Moffitt’s continued growth and transformation by way of technology.


Diana Sharkey

Diana Sharkey, Director, Clinical Support Applications 

Diana leads two teams who provide system implementation, optimization and support for enterprise imaging, laboratory and pathology, and radiation oncology as well as the majority of the ancillary systems such as cardiology and endoscopy.


Ellen Shi

Ellen Shi, MSc - Director, Data Quality and Business Intelligence

Ellen Shi is the director of Data Quality and Business Intelligence(DQBI). Her role provides oversight and leadership of two areas: Data Quality and Standards, Business Intelligence and Analytics, in support of enterprise-wide data reporting, analytics, curation and standards services across the organization through a centralized business model. The DQBI department covers all operational data needs of four key service lines: patients, business, research and employees.

Rick Watts

Rick Watts, JD, cEA, PMP - Manager, Enterprise Architecture

Rick Watts is the Center’s Enterprise Architect and leads the IT architecture practice across business, data, application and technology domains in support of Moffitt’s digital transformation. Architecture is about executing strategy and managing change. The Architecture team will instill behaviors, practices and governance that will reduce complexity, prepare for change and accelerate Moffitt’s ability to change.

Kim Woods - Director, Patient Care Applications