Virtual Care for Second Opinion

Woman With Cancer having a Virtual Visit with Doctor

Connect with a Cancer Care Expert from the Safety of Your Home

When you need a second opinion on a cancer diagnosis, trust Moffitt Cancer Center. With Moffitt Virtual Care you can speak personally to a cancer expert and get the answers you need to take the next step. From the convenience of your home. Moffitt is here for you.

If it is recommended for a patient to come into Moffitt for further testing or imaging scans after virtual care, rest assured Moffitt is the safest place for cancer patients to receive the best care. Our diagnostic imaging radiology services offer the latest technologies for tumor detection and staging and all exams are performed by licensed technologists with advanced registration in their specialty and then interpreted by fellowship-trained sub-specialized radiologists. As a result, we have the ability to detect even the rarest cancers in their earliest stages, a key step in improving patient outcomes. 

To schedule a virtual care appointment for your second opinion, call 1-888-663-3488 or fill out a new patient registration form

Looking for a virtual care appointment to discuss a new cancer diagnosis? Check out Virtual Care for new patients

I would like a second opinion. Can this be done virtually?

Yes. We have a second opinion virtual consult, which offers a convenient way to virtually connect you to our leading cancer care experts. Once we have received your records and images, we can set up a virtual visit with one of our providers. Keep in mind, a face-to-face visit may still be recommended after the clinical team reviews your case.

If it is recommended you come to the cancer center, we want to assure you we are taking every necessary precaution to reduce your risk. You can read about our enhanced safety measures and new visitor policy online at our COVID-19 hub

Are Virtual Care appointments secure?

Yes. Our cybersecurity and IT teams have worked diligently to vet and configure Moffitt’s corporate account to safeguard against any threat. Moffitt has hosted more than 40,000 Zoom meetings since January with no security incidents to report. To further enhance the security of your virtual care, you will be given a unique identification number and password for each appointment.

Is Virtual Care available outside the state of Florida?

If you are interested in a virtual care appointment and live in another state, contact Moffitt to determine eligibility.

What equipment do I need for a Virtual Care appointment?

You will need access to a computer with Google Chrome or a smartphone or tablet with an internet connection for virtual care. If your device does not have a built-in microphone and camera, you will need those as well.

We use Zoom to facilitate Virtual Care. If you have questions about how to use Zoom, please call 813-745-8111 or email

What do I need to do to prepare prior to my second opinion appointment?

Whether your appointment is virtual care or face-to-face, you must register online through the Moffitt Patient Portal and complete the First Appointment To-Do List 48-72 hours before your appointment.

A nurse will reach out to you 24 hours before your visit to complete medical history and initial assessments and ensure all the online registration has been completed. The RN will attempt to reach you by preferred phone and if she is unable to reach you to ensure registration has been completed, your appointment will be rescheduled.

Does Moffitt offer translation services during Virtual Care?

Yes, video translation services are available.

I am a new patient, can I have a virtual appointment?

Yes, we can schedule your virtual care as a placeholder in preparation for the review by the clinical team. A clinical team member will review your records to determine if virtual care is an appropriate option.

If your clinical team determines a face-to-face appointment is necessary to provide you with the best care you will have to come to the cancer center.  We want to assure you we are taking every necessary precaution to reduce your risk. You can read about our enhanced safety measures and new visitor policy online at our Covid-19 hub.