Massage Therapy

MassageMassage therapy is a practice that involves the manual manipulation of skin, muscles and underlying soft tissue to reduce muscle tension and loosen sore joints thereby minimizing physical pain. It can also improve emotional well-being and quality of life by reducing stress and anxiety experienced during cancer treatment or recovery.

Many cancer patients may benefit from regularly scheduled sessions while they are in treatment or recovery. Massage offered by the Integrative Medicine Service at Moffitt Cancer Center is safe and performed by licensed massage therapists with specialized oncology training.  Patients in treatment should check with their doctor before receiving massage services. 

  • To schedule a 30- or 60-minute massage session in the Integrative Medicine Clinic, please call 813-745-4630.  Services are available to patients and caregivers. Fees apply.
  • Hospitalized patients may have a member of their medical team request a massage therapist visit their hospital room to provide services. 

Massage sessions are tailored to each individual’s unique needs. Specialized services include lymphatic massage, post-surgical massage and breast massage to promote lymphatic drainage and loosen scar tissue.

For information about massage or the Integrative Medicine Service, please call 813-745-6052.