Pet Therapy

Pet therapy dog in stroller

Furry hugs, wagging tails, gentle licks and countless smiles. If a patient wants a dog to play with or just connect with during their stay at Moffitt, the Pet Therapy program provides just that.

The Pet Therapy program at Moffitt Cancer Center utilizes certified animals and handlers through Animal Assisted Therapy to achieve physical, social, cognitive and emotional goals with patients. Therapy dogs provide the ultimate distraction from hospital life. Studies show animal-assisted therapy can decrease anxiety and pain, lower blood pressure and increase a patients’ emotional well-being. 

The Pet Therapy program volunteers visit the outpatient areas at Moffitt’s Magnolia campus, Moffitt at International Plaza and Moffitt McKinley Outpatient Center.  They are also available to visit patient rooms at Moffitt’s Magnolia Campus. 

Learn more about pet therapy volunteer opportunities.

Learn more about Moffitt's policy regarding service animals and personal pet visitation.

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