Your Skin Cancer Specialists

Within Moffitt Cancer Center’s Cutaneous Oncology Program, multiple skin cancer specialists work together to develop each patient’s treatment plan. When it comes to creating individualized treatment plans, several expert opinions are better than one. Our patients have the ability to consult with several highly skilled medical professionals, each one with a different educational background and clinical area of practice. This unique, collaborative approach is one of the key ways in which we achieve exceptional outcomes.

At Moffitt, the following skin cancer specialists collaborate as needed on each patient’s treatment:

  • Surgical oncologists, who remove cancerous tissues while leaving as many healthy surrounding tissues intact
  • Medical oncologists, who use chemotherapy medications to target cancerous cells
  • Radiation oncologists, who work with radiation therapists and dosimetrists to shrink or destroy tumors with carefully administered high-energy beams
  • Dermatologists, who assess abnormal skin lesions and coordinate with the other members of a patient’s treatment team, while also providing preventive care recommendations for reducing future UV exposure and protecting the skin
  • Plastic surgeons, who can improve the aesthetic outcomes of surgical treatment by minimizing scarring and addressing sections of skin that require reconstruction
  • Pathologists and radiologists, who review cellular tests and imaging scans as part of the diagnostic and treatment process

Our skin cancer specialists guide each patient through the treatment process, addressing as many concerns as possible. Our patients don’t have to worry about transferring medical records from one doctor to the next, and oncologists from each department at Moffitt can easily share updates on their patients’ progress. Additionally, all of our doctors come together for weekly tumor board meetings, where unusual and complex cases are discussed among experienced specialists in the field of skin cancer treatment.

To make an appointment with one of the skin cancer specialists at Moffitt, call 1-888-663-3488 or submit a new patient registration form online. No referral is required to schedule a visit with one of our doctors.