Your Penile Cancer Specialists

Moffitt Cancer Center’s penile cancer specialists provide patients with prompt, individualized diagnostic services and treatment. In a single, convenient location, men who have been diagnosed with – or who are experiencing the symptoms of – penile cancer can consult with a team of experienced medical professionals.

Our team consists of several penile cancer specialists, each one with a different area of expertise. Because each of our oncologists has a very specific specialty – for example, our radiation oncologists only provide radiation-based treatments – all of our team members are highly skilled in their respective disciplines.

Depending on his unique needs, a patient who comes to Moffitt for penile cancer treatment can consult with:

  • A medical oncologist (chemotherapy specialist)
  • A radiation oncologist (medical professional who creates radiation treatment plans)
  • A radiation therapist (medical professional who operates the radiation-delivery system)
  • A surgeon who specializes in performing procedures to treat the male reproductive system
  • A reproductive health/fertility preservation specialist
  • A social worker and/or counselor

And, while patients do not consult directly with the diagnostic specialists who review their lab tests and imaging scans, these medical professionals are continuously working behind the scenes to detect abnormal tissues and monitor each patient’s response to treatment. At Moffitt, our radiologists and pathologists have designated specialties. This way, when tasked with diagnosing cancers of the male reproductive system, they know precisely what to look for and how to communicate their findings to the patient’s treatment team.

To schedule an appointment with a penile cancer specialist at Moffitt, call 1-888-MOFFITT or submit a new patient registration form online. Referrals are welcome, but never required.