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Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma (CTCL) Specialists

Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL) is a type of cancer that develops in certain white blood cells known as T cells or T lymphocytes. An essential component of the body’s immune system, T cells circulate via the bloodstream, then target and destroy harmful invaders such as viruses and bacteria found throughout the body. CTCL occurs when T cells undergo abnormal changes that cause them to attack healthy skin cells. The symptoms, which are often similar to those of eczema or chronic dermatitis, include itching and scaly red skin patches.

A relatively uncommon malignancy, CTCL is typically slow-growing and requires specialized care. However, many oncologists see few - if any - patients with CTCL throughout their entire career. The multispecialty team in the Malignant Hematology and Cutaneous Oncology Programs at Moffitt Cancer Center have the expertise necessary to provide our patients with comprehensive and individualized treatment. As a nationally recognized, high-volume cancer center, Moffitt regularly treats all types of blood and bone marrow cancer, including CTCL and other rare and complex variants.

Our team

At Moffitt, each patient is paired with a primary CTCL specialist who coordinates and oversees the patient’s entire care journey. Throughout the treatment process, our patients can benefit from multiple expert opinions through opportunities to consult with other CTCL specialists, such as hematologists, pathologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists, dermatologists and supportive care professionals. As such, our patients have access to wide-ranging care in a single location.

Working together, our CTCL specialists develop highly tailored treatment plans, which may include skin-directed and systemic therapies. Although there is currently no known cure for CTCL, many of our patients achieve long-term remission with treatment, which can effectively reduce or resolve CTCL symptoms. Our goal is to help each patient achieve the best possible outcome and quality of life.

Through physician collaboration and clinical trials, new CTCL treatment options are continually being discovered and developed. Many of the CTCL specialists at Moffitt are known and respected for their groundbreaking contributions to cancer research, such as their work in investigating diagnostic biomarkers and developing novel immunotherapies.

If you would like to talk with a CTCL specialist in the Malignant Hematology and Cutaneous Oncology Programs at Moffitt Cancer Center, you can request an appointment by calling 1-888-663-3488 or completing our new patient registration form online.