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Ronica H. Nanda, MD

Specialty: Radiation Oncology
Program: Radiation Oncology

Call 1-888-MOFFITT

Call 1-888-MOFFITT


Dr. Ronica Nanda is an Assistant Member in the Department of Radiation Oncology at Moffitt Cancer Center. Dr. Nanda will be located at Morton Plant Mease Hospital where she will support the partnership between Moffitt and BayCare. Dr. Nanda received her MD from the University of Florida. She completed a Radiation Oncology Residency at Emory University, where she also served as Chief Resident. She recently completed a Fellowship in Pediatric Proton Therapy at the University of Florida Health Proton Therapy Institute in Jacksonville. Dr. Nanda’s clinical interest is the treatment of breast cancers, lung cancers, brain tumors, and sarcomas. She also has a background in pediatric radiation oncology as well as in the use of proton therapy for adult and pediatric malignancies. Dr. Nanda’s primary research interests are on late effects of radiation therapy and cancer treatment. She has published numerous peer-reviewed manuscripts in high impact journals and has presented her research at multiple internationally-attended conferences. She is also passionate about studying survivorship issues for people with cancer. We are very excited to have Ronica join us and strengthen Moffitt’s ongoing relationship with the Baycare Health System.

Education & Training


  • University of Florida Health Proton Therapy Institute - Pediatric Proton Therapy


  • Emory University School of Medicine - Internal Medicine/Radiation Oncology

Medical School:

  • University of Florida College of Medicine - MD
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