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Colleen Veloski, MD

Specialty: Endocrinology
Program: Endocrine Oncology

Call 1-888-MOFFITT

Call 1-888-MOFFITT

Locations: Moffitt Cancer Center

Cancer Focus: Adrenal Carcinoma, Neuroendocrine Tumor , Thyroid Cancer

Dr. Veloski received her MD degree from Medical College of Pennsylvania. She completed an Internal Medicine Residency and Endocrinology Fellowship at Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Following her Fellowship, Dr. Veloski became an Assistant Professor at Temple University School of Medicine, Section of Endocrinology, and she was promoted to Associate Professor in 2009. Dr. Veloski most recently has been an Associate Professor at Fox Chase Cancer Center, where she served as Director of the Endocrinology and Thyroid Program. Dr. Veloski has extensive experience in the care of cancer patients with endocrine diseases, specializing in the evaluation and treatment of patients with thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer. She holds the Endocrine Certification in Neck Ultrasound. Dr. Veloski’s research interests include the role of molecular markers and genomic testing in thyroid cancer diagnosis, preoperative risk assessment, and treatment.

Education & Training

Board Certification:

  • Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism
  • Internal Medicine


  • Temple University Hospital - Endocrinology


  • Temple University Hospital - Internal Medicine

Medical School:

  • Medical College of Pennsylvania(MD, - MD)
Participating Trials

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