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Total Cancer Care

At Moffitt Cancer Center, the Total Cancer Care® (TCC) research protocol is a way that we can partner with patients and non-Moffitt patients with the goals of using longitudinally collected data and biospecimens to (1) identify the needs of the patient and their families; (2) develop an evidence-based approach to meet those needs; and (3) develop markers to predict need so they can be prevented.

To achieve these goals, the protocol objectives are as follows:

  • Establish a longitudinal study of clinical and related data from individuals with or at risk for cancer 
  • Establish a large biospecimen repository that is linked to clinical and related data 
  • Follow participants through their lifetime through passive or active follow-up 
  • Use clinical data, tissues, other biological samples and derived molecular data to match patients to future studies either observational studies or intervention/clinical trials

By tracking and studying information from participants, the study is helping to change the way doctors prevent, detect and treat cancer. The valuable information can come from patients' donated blood and tissue samples, medical information, or questionnaires.

All Moffitt patients 18 years old and older, regardless of why they are coming to Moffitt, have the opportunity to participate in TCC and contribute to important research. Participation is completely voluntary. Research coordinators visit with patients during their clinic visits to explain the study and then patients decide if they want to participate or they may ask for more information from their doctors or the study team. Patients can also learn about TCC by going to Moffitt’s Patient Portal.  

By collecting valuable information during regularly scheduled visits, participants help us grow the study. Scientists are actively using the valuable information to answer many important questions about cancer, such as why treatment may not always have the same outcome in different patients. We hope this research can create new ways to personalize treatment and find better ways to prevent and diagnose cancer. Each participant takes us one step closer to the next cancer breakthrough.

Additionally, Moffitt has been a leader in cancer research by creating a network of top cancer centers in the Oncology Research Information Exchange Network (ORIEN) who share information in a way that’s never been done. Collaboration across ORIEN TCC sites include sharing both clinical and molecular data from patients enrolled in the study to enhance discovery and create evidence of what is the most effective therapy for individual patients.

More than 150,000 patients have enrolled in the Moffitt TCC study since it was launched in 2006. Each new participant brings us one step closer to our goal of finding a cure for cancer. There are several ways you can learn more about Total Cancer Care® study:

  • Review the material on
  • Email
  • If you're a current patient, log into your MyMoffitt Patient Portal and click on the Total Cancer Care (TCC) link
  • You can also get more information from our research coordinators when you come into the clinic