Molecular Oncology Events

Molecular Oncology Events

The Department of Molecular Oncology organizes a variety of different events such as recurring seminar series, working groups, and scientific conferences. These events are intended to foster intra- and inter-departmental collaborations and to stimulate scientific discussion. They also provide a platform for both trainees and faculty to solicit feedback on ongoing research directions and to hone presentations skills.

Faculty Meetings

  • Scheduled monthly
  • Includes faculty chalk talks to present grant ideas

Research in Progress Seminar Series

Research In Progress (MO-RIP) Seminar Series

This seminar series is designed to encourage vibrant discussions, build professional camaraderie among the members of our department, and provide an opportunity for everyone to present at least once during the calendar year. Contact Michael Mann for more info.

Molecular Oncology Retreat

Annual Departmental Retreat

The annual Molecular Oncology Retreat is a highly anticipated event that showcases the breadth and depth of research in our department. We take this opportunity to recognize the scientific accomplishments of our postgraduate and pre-doctoral trainees and to foster team-building within the department at all levels. The retreat contributes to the scientific growth of the department as a venue to facilitate new research collaborations among faculty and trainees.

Florian and Karen Events

Special Projects, Working Groups, and Department Committees

  • The 9th International MDM2 Workshop will be hosted by investigators from Moffitt Cancer Center and held in St. Pete Beach, Florida in November 2018. More details on this exciting workshop may be found here. Contact Jiandong Chen for more info.
  • Non-coding RNA club

This is a monthly special interest meeting with lab meeting-style presentations by students and postdocs. The ncRNA club is attended by eight labs from Moffitt and USF with diverse backgrounds. Contact Florian Karreth for more info.