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Center for Immunization and Infection Research in Cancer

Established in 2012, the Center for Immunization and Infection Research in Cancer (CIIRC) is the premier vaccine and infection cancer research center in the U.S. CIIRC brings Moffitt's experts in laboratory, clinical, and population sciences together to accelerate the development and dissemination of vaccines to prevent and treat cancer, and to improve the diagnosis and treatment of infection-related cancers.

CIIRC's Goals:

  • Develop new immunological approaches (e.g., vaccines) to prevent infection-related cancers
  • Establish new screening paradigms and diagnostics based on infection biomarkers to detect cancer early when it's easier to treat
  • Identify infectious organisms associated with cancer
  • Increase understanding of the relationship between specific infectious agents and tumors caused by them
  • Pioneer novel strategies to effectively treat infection-related cancers while minimizing morbidity of treatment
  • Contribute to the elimination of virally-associated cancers

CIIRC Leadership

CIIRC was founded by Dr. Anna Giuliano, a cancer epidemiologist and world-renowned expert in human papillomavirus (HPV), which is known to cause six different cancers. Dr. Giuliano directs CIIRC with Dr. Shari Pilon-Thomas, an immunologist with extensive experience in vaccine strategies and enhancing anti-tumor T cell responses for cancer treatment. Their complementary expertise guides the activities of CIIRC.

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