Center for Immunization and Infection Research in Cancer

Established in 2012, the Center for Immunization and Infection Research in Cancer (CIIRC) is the premier vaccine and infection cancer research center in the US. CIIRC brings Moffitt’s experts in epidemiology, bioinformatics, biostatistics, molecular oncology, mathematicians, and immunology together to accelerate the development and dissemination of vaccines to prevent and treat cancer, and to improve the diagnosis and treatment of infection-related cancers. 

Vaccines as Prevention:

Through our work with HPV, CIIRC has demonstrated its expertise and success in moving prevention of one infectious agent from the bench to FDA licensure and, ultimately, to the population. CIIRC is leading the charge to eliminate HPV-related cancers, with the goal of eliminating cervical cancer as early as 2030 in some geographic regions. 

Vaccines as Treatment:

CIIRC faculty are developing cutting-edge vaccine strategies, from novel research at the bench to vaccine clinical trials. Partnering with industry, Moffitt has launched several vaccine treatment trials targeting melanoma, breast cancer, and small cell lung cancer. 

Treating Infection-Related Cancers:

Worldwide 1 in 5 cancers are caused by infection. CIIRC is reducing the cancer burden by revolutionizing the treatment of these cancers. CIIRC mathematical and radiation oncologists are working together to develop a model for treating infection-related cancers by lowering the dose of therapy while maintaining treatment efficacy, truly personalizing cancer care. 

Dr. Anna Giulano
Anna Giuliano, PhD
Shari Pilon-Thomas, PhD
Shari Pilon-Thomas, PhD

Improving Cancer Screening and Early Detection:

Identifying cancers early saves lives. CIIRC researchers are working to develop a panel of biomarkers that can diagnose oropharyngeal cancers at early stages to improve overall survival. Additionally, CIIRC is working with researchers across Florida to increase screening and linkage to care for Hepatitis C, the primary cause of liver cancer in the US. 

Groundbreaking Research:

CIIRC supports cutting-edge research by providing grants to competitive, high risk, high reward projects that address infection-related cancers and cancer vaccines.

With philanthropic support CIIRC will accelerate lifesaving research that changes clinical practice globally.

Anna R. Giuliano, PhD
Shari Pilon-Thomas, PhD

Daniel Abate-Daga, PhD
Alexander RA Anderson, PhD
Daniel A. Anaya, MD
Amer A. Beg, PhD
Jimmy J. Caudell, MD, PhD
Shannon Christy, PhD
Christine Chung, MD
John Cleveland, PhD
Jose R. Conejo-Garcia, MD, PhD
Anna Coghill, PhD, MPH
Brian Czerniecki, MD, PhD
Marco L. Davila, MD, PhD
Kristine Donovan, PhD, MBA
Michelle Echevarria, MD
Heiko Enderling, PhD
Kathleen M. Egan, ScD
Jason B. Fleming, MD, FACS
Elsa R. Flores, PhD
Jessica Frakes, MD
Peter Forsyth, MD, FACP, MA
Robert Gatenby, MD
Robert J. Gillies, PhD
John Greene, MD, FACP
Louis Harrison, MD
Sarah Hoffe, MD
Linda L. Kelley, PhD
Julie Kish, MD, FACP
Jane Messina, MD
Alvaro Monteiro, PhD
James Mulé, PhD
John Mullinax, MD
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Christine Pierce, PhD, MPH
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Lary Robinson, MD
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