Merit Society

Merit Society

History & Purpose
The Moffitt Merit Society® carries on the legacy of Merit Ptah, the first known woman in medicine nearly 5,000 years ago. The skills, achievements and compassionate care of female physicians and scientists at Moffitt reflect a deep commitment to providing hope and improving quality of life for those touched by cancer. 

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Together, we: 

  • UNITE women as advocates to prevent and cure cancer
  • OFFER educational and networking opportunities for members
  • GRANT philanthropic support for the research and clinical work of female scientists
  • PROMOTE Moffitt’s female physicians and their outstanding patient care
  • ENCOURAGE female students aspiring to pursue careers in science and medicine 

One in three women will experience cancer in her lifetime. Merit Society members stand beside them and partner with Moffitt physicians, researchers and staff to ensure that our mothers, daughters, sisters and friends will have access to the most advanced research-based treatments. Combined, our individual passion, expertise and philanthropy make us much more powerful in the fight against cancer.

The Moffitt Merit Society® has granted nearly $500,000 to female researchers and physicians fighting to find a cure and improve the patient experience. We have supported a variety of Moffitt programs including female reproductive oncology; cancer epidemiology; breast, thoracic, cutaneous, and radiation oncology; as well as health outcomes and behavior programs.

Together, our belief in Moffitt is helping to discover new prevention and treatment opportunities, redefining tomorrow for generations of women facing cancer. The Merit Society is seeing tremendous membership growth. The passion and excitement from the Tampa Bay community is a crucial part of our success. We hope you will join us in our lifesaving quest to defeat women’s cancer. 

Membership Benefits

Membership benefits include:

  • Annual voting privileges to designate the direction of collective funds raised
  • Invitations to seasonal Merit Society events with one-on-one access to Moffitt experts
  • Exclusive updates on physician scientists whose work benefits women's cancer research
  • Personal liaison at Moffitt Cancer Center Foundation

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Annual Membership: $1,000 

Quarterly installment option is available

Seasonal Receptions

These educational and networking opportunities allow members to hear from Moffitt experts about specific research initiatives, introduce guests to the Merit Society, and celebrate the programs that are awarded funding each year.

For more information about the Moffitt Merit Society, please contact Courtney Ryals at 813-745-4176 or


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By donating, you’re bringing hope and courage to our patients when they need it most.

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