Vulvar Cancer Symptoms

Vulvar cancer symptoms are not always apparent, particularly when the condition is in its early stages. Additionally, when symptoms do present, it’s often easy for a woman to mistakenly attribute them to other, more common medical conditions. Because there are currently no recommended screening tests that can reliably detect vulvar cancer in asymptomatic women, it is important for a woman to examine herself regularly to become familiar with her body and what is normal for her, and to promptly report any abnormalities or concerns to a health care provider.

Some common cancer symptoms that can manifest in the vulvar region include:

  • Persistent itching, burning, pain or tenderness
  • Bleeding that is unrelated to menstruation
  • Skin abnormalities, such as changes in pigment or texture
  • Open sores
  • Wart-like bumps or growths
  • Painful urination

In most cases, these symptoms are not caused by vulvar cancer. Nevertheless, warning signs like these can indicate that something is going on within a woman’s body, and it’s always best to find out what that is. A physician can accurately diagnose the underlying cause and, whether or not it is related to cancer, recommend an appropriate course of treatment.

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