What Causes Testicular Cancer?

Researchers aren’t sure what causes testicular cancer, or why certain people develop it while others do not. Several studies have shown a correlation between testicular cancer and certain risk factors, but it’s not fully clear why otherwise healthy cells become cancerous.

Despite that, researchers do understand that testicular cancer develops when:

  • Healthy cells (such as the germ cells, which are responsible for producing sperm) develop a DNA mutation that causes them to multiply at a quicker rate than normal.

  • The rapidly dividing cells start to accumulate into a lesion.

  • Over time, the lesion develops into a tumor. Until the tumor is diagnosed and treated, it can continue to spread throughout the testicles and the nearby structures.

At Moffitt Cancer Center, we are leading the way in testicular cancer research, and are especially focused on the DNA mutations that can cause cancer to develop. With every study our team completes, we get one step closer to understanding the causes of testicular cancer and finding a cure. Because we specialize in both research and treatment, the National Cancer Institute has designated Moffitt as a Comprehensive Cancer Center. As the only Comprehensive Cancer Center based in Florida, we provide our patients with exceptional evidence-based care. Our physicians take what they learn in the lab and bring it directly to the bedside. Plus, our oncologists who specialize in testicular cancer treatment don’t treat any other types of cancer, allowing them to become experts in the exact diagnoses they treat. This approach has helped us give our patients better prognoses, as well as a higher quality of life. Referrals are not required to come to Moffitt. To schedule a visit with one of our expert oncologists, call 1-888-663-3488 or submit a patient registration form online.