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Sanjay Premi, PhD

Academic Rank: Assistant Member


    Dr. Premi is interested in exploring the pathophysiology of melanin-chemiexcitation pathway in skin cancer development, progression, and drug-resistance.  


    • Tumor Biology
    • Cutaneous Oncology
    • Chemical Biology and Molecular Medicine Program
    • Melanoma Research Center of Excellence

Education & Training


  • National Institute of Immunology, PhD - Human Molecular Genetics
  • Jawaharial Nehru University, MS - Biotechnology

    While at Yale Dr. Premi received outstanding training in the laboratory of Dr. Douglas Brash, and there he discovered the phenomenon of "melanin-chemiexcitation", where he established that melanin can generate UV-like DNA photo-adducts (CPD) without UV. These seminal studies led to Dr. Premi’s first-author manuscript in Science (Premi et al., Science, 2015). Dr. Premis has now expanded these studies and shown that chemiexcitation of indole and catecholamine neurotransmitters and hormones also induces DNA damage, and he has developed novel genomic dosimeters that allow one to precisely quantify UV-induced DNA damage. Furthermore, he has also identified a new tumor suppressor coined Latexin that is epigenetically silenced in melanoma and which controls stem-ness.          


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