Cancer Epidemiology

Cancer epidemiology is an evolving science that is transforming the fields of medicine and public health. The Department of Cancer Epidemiology at Moffitt Cancer Center continues to make vital contributions to the knowledge base in terms of cancer etiology and diagnosis, prognosis, prevention and survivorship. Our research advances are made possible, in part, through our development of unique population-based resources, strong faculty, multispecialty perspective and access to world-class clinical and research facilities. Nationally recognized and respected for our extensive research efforts, Moffitt has been designated a Comprehensive Cancer Center by the National Cancer Institute.

Using large-scale human populations as our "laboratory," the mission of our Department of Cancer Epidemiology is to conduct studies to investigate:

  • Preventive and risk factors for cancer
  • Biomarkers for early cancer detection
  • Biomarkers for cancer progression
  • Lifestyle and molecular factors that can affect patient outcomes and quality of life

Moffitt’s Department of Cancer Epidemiology is discipline-based and focused on the career development of our faculty from appointment to tenure. While performing epidemiologic research, our investigators collaborate with basic and clinician scientists and other population scientists at Moffitt to identify novel and testable hypotheses. The expertise of our members encompasses a wide range of specialties, including molecular epidemiology, genetics and genomics, nutrition, pharmacology, physics, viral and infectious agents, biostatistics, surgical oncology, radiation oncology and clinical genetics. The extensive diversity of our group promotes the generation and sharing of exceptionally rich ideas.

The ultimate goal of the Department of Cancer Epidemiology at Moffitt Cancer Center is to reduce the public health burden of cancer through prediction, prevention and early detection.

Cancer Epidemiology Members

Department Chair
Peter A. Kanetsky, PhD, MPH

Anna Coghill, PhD
Kathleen M. Egan, ScD
Travis A Gerke, ScD
Anna R. Giuliano, PhD
John J. Heine, PhD
Nancy Gillis (Johnson), PharmD, PhD
Peter A. Kanetsky, PhD, MPH
Nagi B. Kumar, PhD, RD, FADA
Alvaro NA Monteiro, PhD
Jong Y. Park, PhD
Lauren Peres, PhD, MPH
Jennifer Permuth, MS, PhD
Christine M. Pierce, PhD, MPH
Matthew B. Schabath, PhD
Stephanie L. Schmit, PhD, MPH
Shelley S. Tworoger, PhD