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Krupal Patel, MD, MSc, FRCS(C)

Specialty: Head and Neck Surgery
Program: Head and Neck Oncology


Cancer Focus: Basal Cell Carcinoma, Head and Neck Cancer, Melanoma, Merkel Cell Carcinoma, Oral Cavity or Throat Cancer, Pituitary Macroadenoma, Pituitary Microadenoma, Pituitary Neoplasm, Skin Cancer (Nonmelanoma), Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Throat Cancer, Thyroid Cancer, Tongue Cancer

Dr. Krupal Patel is an Assistant Member in the Department of Head and Neck–Endocrine Oncology. Dr. Patel received his MD degree at the College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan. He concurrently completed a Residency in the Department of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery, and a Master of Science degree in Surgery at Western University, London, Ontario, Canada. He is board-certified in Otolaryngology by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Canada. He went on to complete the Head and Neck Microvascular Reconstruction Fellowship at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio. Dr. Patel is a member of the American Head and Neck Society, North American Skull Base Society and Disparities Committee at NRG. Dr. Patel’s clinical interests include the management of oral cavity/oropharynx/larynx cancers, salivary gland neoplasms, thyroid cancers, reconstruction of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer defects in the head and neck region, and sinonasal cancers (cancers arising from nose and sinuses). His clinical research interests focus on the development of transoral robotic surgery and improvement in microvascular reconstructive surgeries for head and neck cancers. He has ongoing projects and publications in cancer care delivery including virtual health and real time patient monitoring to design just-in-time interventions to improve patient outcomes. Dr. Patel’s translational research focuses on developing biomarkers for use in genomic analyses that predict the impact of therapeutic interventions on clinical and quality-of-life outcomes. 

Education & Training


  • Ohio State University - Head and Neck Microvascular Reconstruction


  • Western University, London, ON, Canada - Head and Neck Surgery

Medical School:

  • University of Saskatchewan, SK, Canada - MD
Participating Trials

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813-745-6100 or toll-free 1-800-679-0775.


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Title: Pilot Assessment of Remote Symptom Reporting System in Head and Neck Cancer Patients
Sponsor: Moffitt Cancer Center
PI: Patel, K., CO-PI: Gonzalez, B.

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