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Moffitt Healthy KIDZ Program
Moffitt Healthy KIDZ Program Moffitt’s community outreach programs provide health education in the areas of prevention, early detection, and screening through strong partnership programs. Community members learn about resources they can then continue to share across their own communities. 

Thanks to donors like you, Moffitt reaches thousands of people through initiatives such as: 

  • The Moffitt Program for Outreach Wellness and Resources (M-Power) currently reaches over 6,000 people in the Tampa Bay area each year with education and cancer prevention screenings. As of 2017, M-POWER has provided 161 health education workshops to the community, connected 542 uninsured women to mammography services, and facilitated access to comprehensive health screenings for 432 uninsured or underinsured men
  • The Mole Patrol skin cancer screening program travels to venues around Florida to offer free skin cancer screenings and cancer education to the public. In its 20 years of operation, the Mole Patrol has screened more than 15,000 Floridians, identifying hundreds of suspicious skin lesions that have resulted in the diagnosis of melanoma, basal and squamous cell cancers. 
  • The Moffitt Healthy KIDZ Program is a community outreach program for children of all ages and backgrounds. Focusing on cancer prevention, healthy living, and the importance of making positive life choices, educational content is delivered to Hillsborough County School students through fun and interactive programs. 
  • The Men’s Health Forum is an annual event that provides medically underserved men, ages 18 and older, with wellness checkups and health care education at no cost to participants. Past free wellness screenings have included skin cancer, blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, HIV/AIDS, vision, hearing, and prostate exam vouchers. 
  • The Health Outcomes and Behavior Program contributes to the prevention, detection, and control of cancer through the study of health-related behaviors, health care practices, and health-related quality of life. Their work starts in the community, which provides the greatest opportunity to prevent cancer or detect cancer early. This includes addressing cancer health disparities in various communities.


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