Patient and Family Advisory Council Honors Moffitt’s Best

By Amanda Sangster - February 28, 2022

For over a decade, Moffitt Cancer Center’s Patient and Family Advisory Council has honored team members with the PFAC Award of Excellence. Receiving this award is one of the greatest honors because the recognition comes directly from Moffitt patients and caregivers.

Moffitt team members and departments that demonstrate excellence in patient- and family-centered care are recipients. The council recognizes these teams for their warm, thoughtful approach to care and their dedication. The winners were also chosen because they had the highest or the most improved Press Ganey patient satisfaction scores (a survey of patient satisfaction). Both team and individual awards were given out.

The winners of the Team PFAC Award of Excellence are:

Moffitt COVID-19 Health Screeners

At the start of the pandemic, Moffitt placed health screeners at every entrance. This role didn’t exist pre-pandemic and these team members were pulled from numerous different departments. Not only did these team members check temperatures, perform health questionnaires, and hand out masks in addition to their normal duties, but they were also asked to perform one of the hardest responsibilities of the pandemic: explaining the changes in Moffitt’s visitor policies.

To keep the most vulnerable patients safe, visitor limitations were put in place. This was incredibly difficult for patients facing difficult diagnoses and demanding treatments. Although Moffitt offered virtual interaction for caregivers and family members during appointments, nothing could replace the comfort of a family member or loved one.

Our health screeners understood this and did their best to explain these policies keeping this in mind. Always putting the patient first, they offered support and understanding while upholding new standards designed to protect the very people they were greeting at the door. For these reasons, the council honored them with a team award.

Supportive Care Medicine Program

Moffitt’s Supportive Care Medicine Program had the most improved Press Ganey patient satisfaction score. The program is dedicated to relieving the pain, distress and symptoms that accompany serious illness. It is specialized care aimed at treating the whole person. They include team members from Integrative Medicine, Behavioral Medicine, Palliative Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment.

This score reflects the compassion shown by these team members in communicating wait times, including the patient in their treatment decisions, honoring patient privacy concerns, helping patients manage pain during treatment, and showing concern for patient questions and worries. The team reached scores above the mean average for Press Ganey benchmarks.

Gastrointestinal Oncology Program

The Patient and Family Advisory Council recognized numerous individuals from Moffitt’s Gastrointestinal Oncology Program — so many, in fact, that the council awarded the entire clinic the honor. They were recognized for their commitment to patient- and family-centered and compassionate care.

The winners of the Individual PFAC Award of Excellence are:

Front Desk Team Members

Moffitt’s front desk staff are truly “the face” of the cancer center. They are the first and last people that a patient and family members see. They help patients find their way to appointments, complete paperwork, provide emotional comfort and much more.

The recipients from this team were Stuart Richards, Kimonique Figueroa, Jennifer Chriss, Leka Murdock, Phil Moncrief, Iliana Simo, Josue Diaz, Tonnie Bognar, Jorge Vigil, Elaine Allgeier, Jolie Filer, Dee Dee Peters, Kathi Barden, Viviana Luquis, Janelle Solari, Jill Godfrey-Rupp and Carla Magazine.

Patient Relations Advocates

The Department of Patient Relations is key to Moffitt’s mission of providing patient- and family-centered care. For the last two years during the pandemic, they have addressed patient concerns with compassion and dedication.

The recipients from this team were Cindy Brantley, Joanna Cross, Destiny Haynes, Tracey Lanman, Pinkey Mack, Stephanie Zehnder and Cristina Perez.

Other award recipients included:

  • Pat Certa, EVS Tech, Environmental Services
    • Certa is said to treat patients like family. When she enters a patient’s room, she greets them by always introducing herself and making a connection. Patients say she is respectful and compassionate toward them.
  • Brandon Christensen, Information Technology
    • Christensen works in the call center for Information Technology and is always willing to go “above and beyond” for any patient in need.
  • Stefany Martinez, LPN, Medical Assistant, Bone Marrow and Transplantation Program
    • Martinez works in the Bone Marrow and Transplantation Program (BMT). She is known for her positive, friendly and cheerful demeanor as she interacts with patients.
  • Michele Robinson, Department of Food Services
    • Robinson is known for her ability to connect with patients through her friendliness and amazing attitude.
  • Breanna Vazquez, Scheduling Coordinator, Bone Marrow and Transplantation Program
    • Vazquez was recognized for being proactive in ensuring the patient scheduling experience was as convenient as possible. She is known for her excellent customer service.

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