Moffitt Volunteer and Longtime Supporter Honors Promise to His Wife

By Jonesa Rodriguez - July 19, 2021

Honoring the wishes of his late wife is what moved Bruce Mackey to relocate to Tampa and dedicate his life to helping those at Moffitt Cancer Center. And nine years and over 2,000 volunteer hours later, his mission is still the same.

Mackey’s wife, Loyce, faced both melanoma and metastatic breast cancer. But it was complications she experienced after a painful fall that led the couple to Moffitt.

While being treated at the cancer center, the Mackey family was impressed with the generosity of those at Moffitt. This lasting impression led Loyce to ask her husband to continue to support the cancer center even after her death. Since then he’s made a lasting mark at Moffitt.

“Loyce and I had a great 55 year marriage and a wonderful 12 year retirement until her fall,” said Mackey. “Coming to the cancer center has given me such a new life. I have made so many new friends as being part of the Moffitt family.”

In addition to being a full-time volunteer, Mackey also serves on several patient advocacy boards and programs. Along with the countless volunteer hours and tireless efforts he has contributed to Moffitt, he will now add a forthcoming estate gift of $1.6 million that will impact the cancer center well into the future.

Jane Fusilero, chief nursing officer and Bruce Mackey
Jane Fusilero, chief nursing officer joins Bruce Mackey at his estate gift signing ceremony.

The Bruce E. and Loyce A. Mackey endowed gift will provide $1 million in funds for nursing, $300,000 for senior adult oncology, and $300,000 for social work, all programs that helped Mackey and his wife during their time at the cancer center.

“When Loyce was at Moffitt for surgery, the social workers really made a difference for the both of us,” Mackey said. “They provided the right guidance so we were able to start dealing with our emotions and work with a supportive care group.”

Mackey also plans for his endowed gift to support nursing education, adding that the nurses do a terrific job, and while we honor them during National Nurses Week, he says it is important to continue to recognize their hard work.

“Planned giving programs like the one we have established through the Moffitt Foundation are a means to cultivate strong relationships with donors who have a powerful connection with the cancer center’s mission. Bruce is a wonderful example of that,” said Maria Muller, president of the Moffitt Foundation. “His dedication is inspiring. We understand that Loyce encouraged him to spend his days volunteering at the cancer center that gave her such outstanding care, but this gift intention goes above and beyond her original request.”

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