Moffitt Leader Recognized for His Digital Influence

By Jonesa Rodriguez - November 11, 2020

Digital innovation is no stranger to Dr. Edmondo Robinson, it’s in his title. Moffitt Cancer Center’s Chief Digital Innovation Officer was named one of Florida’s most innovative health care leaders by the Tampa Bay Business Journal. This recognition is given to local leaders who’ve had the most influence on the region’s health care economy, specifically health care innovation.


The accolade is another great accomplishment for Robinson, who recently joined the cancer center just 10 months ago. In his short time at Moffitt, Robinson has already streamlined several initiatives, aiming to bring new ideas to life that leverage technologies while challenging the status quo.

Dr. Edmondo Robinson, chief digital innovation officer at Moffitt.
Dr. Edmondo Robinson, chief digital innovation officer at Moffitt

These initiatives include substantive investment in the Information Technology Department, building a new digital department and advancing health data services through a shift toward cloud-based data architecture. All with the goal of creating a positive user experience for team members and patients. 


“We’ve committed as an enterprise to invest in IT as a department. This is critical for digital innovation because you have to start at the core,” said Robinson. “I am excited because we are building it right with a vision of what the IT team can support as the cancer center continues to expand to serve more patients at more locations and in cutting-edge ways.”


Robinson’s goals for digital innovation expand beyond the IT department. It encompasses the entire cancer center. Bringing new digital tools to improve strategies in areas like business, clinical and research. 


“Beyond Moffitt’s mission of preventing and curing cancer, what I want is for the center to be as revered in the digital world as it is for treating cancer,” Robinson said.

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