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A Better Chance of Overcoming the Odds

We know – as Florida’s only National Cancer Institute (NCI) Comprehensive Cancer Center – that patients who come to an NCI-designated center like Moffitt will have a better chance of survival. It is that crucial difference that drives Moffitt to create a new hospital to serve patients from around the world.

Staying Ahead of a Critical Need

Over the next 10 years, more than 1 million Floridians
are expected to receive a cancer diagnosis – and nearly 430,000 will lose their battle with this horrible disease.

65% Increase in Moffitt Patients

For Moffitt, this will translate to treating thousands of cancer patients annually from across Florida and around the world. Over the next 10 years, Moffitt anticipates a 65% increase in new cancer patients -- and we intend to be ready for that challenge.

More Lifesaving Surgery Needed

Many will need lifesaving surgery to address their cancers. In the last 10 years alone, Moffitt saw a 33% increase in cancer surgeries.

H. Lee Moffiitt
H. Lee Moffitt
Founder, Moffitt Cancer Center

Moffitt’s founder on the cancer center’s physical need to expand services to its patients.

Susan Vadaparampil
Susan Vadaparampil, PhD, MPH
Chair, Community Outreach and Engagement

Working to uphold Moffitt’s commitment to maximize its impact through community engagement.

John Cleveland
John Cleveland, PhD
Executive Vice President, Center Director

The cancer center’s top researcher explains how Moffitt’s research dramatically impacts patient care.

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There is simply no place in Florida that responds like Moffitt – reducing suffering, saving lives and pursuing cures.
Moffitt’s new surgical hospital will undoubtedly enhance our ability to meet that need.

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Moffitt is one of the top-ranked cancer centers in the U.S. and one of its busiest, with annual outpatient visits topping 450,000.


Patient outcomes surpass the national average, and our tenacity and team approach have earned us a reputation as an international leader.


The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has designated Moffitt as the only Comprehensive Cancer Center based in Florida.


Our goal is clear: Bring new treatment and prevention options to our patients as quickly as possible.

Rendering of Front Entrance

Future of Cancer care

"This new facility will expand our capacity for inpatient hospital care and will modernize our ability to treat and cure this deadly disease."
– Tim Adams, Chair, Moffitt Institute Board of Directors

Rendering of New Hospital

What Does the Future Look Like?

Envision a new 10-story hospital that will expand state-of-the-art surgical services for the thousands of patients needing highly complex surgeries and related inpatient care each year.


Outpatient surgical and diagnostic imaging programs will complement our current outpatient surgical practice at the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation Outpatient Center across the street and our inpatient and clinical operations on the Magnolia campus.


We are reimagining Moffitt’s master planning and evaluating our growing patient care and research needs at all of our campuses. Opening the surgical hospital directly impacts Moffitt’s ability to expand services at our Magnolia campus, alleviating current space constraints for patient care and opening up more space for vital cancer research.


Together, we will provide patients and families with a wide range of sophisticated services and comforting comforting spaces in addition to those provided at the nearby founding campus.

498,000 Square Feet

This is the largest construction project ever undertaken by Moffitt, blending the most advanced medical and surgical technologies with a patient-centered approach.

19 Operating Rooms

State-of-the-art surgical services will include specially outfitted robotic rooms, as well as intraoperative MRI and CT within operating rooms for ease of use.

128 Inpatient Beds

The hospital was designed with input from patients and families and provides a wide range of sophisticated services as well as comforting relaxation spaces.

First Phase Construction

Construction of the first phase of the new surgical hospital began in spring 2020, with a tentative opening scheduled for summer 2023. The campus will be built with future needs in mind, allowing for expansion and connecting by aerial walkway to the outpatient center across the street.

Rendering of New Hospital
Tour the new hospital with the latest animated renderings.

From top to bottom, this 10-story structure is designed with patients and families in mind, from the latest advances in surgical operating rooms to dining and rest areas for visitors.

Explore the transformation of the McKinley campus.

Move the bar above from left to right and you will see the future of cancer care come to life with the creation of a new surgical hospital (right) and its connecting walkway to outpatient services.

A look at the expansion hospital site under construction

Live cameras are capturing the construction of the new hospital, which is scheduled to open in the summer of 2023. This view is looking to the east.

Rendering of Operating Room

Surgical Innovations

As an institution that uses science to drive advances in cancer care, great
opportunities exist to create new therapies and new technology to help our patients.

Surgeon in Operating Room

What's Inside? Innovation

Starting with 128 inpatient beds, the new surgical pavilion will provide patients with the latest innovations in surgical techniques and inpatient care. This includes real-time multi-modality imaging, allowing surgeons to see treatment as it is delivered directly to the brain, as well as 3D visualization technologies to help surgeons resect brain tumors.


Our minimally invasive cancer surgery and robotic cancer surgery program is one of the busiest in the state and performs complex surgeries on gastrointestinal, urologic, head and neck, thoracic and endocrine cancers. Our operating room will be equipped with the latest radiographic imaging technology for image-guided surgery and radiation equipmentfor intraoperative radiotherapy.


Advances like these complement an army of scientists who are conducting translational research throughout the broader institution and are working to improve the treatment of cancer patients no matter where they receive their care.

Moffitt Advancements in the News

Surgeons in Operating Room
Moffitt Leads the Way in Minimally Invasive Colorectal Surgery

Moffitt has 13 surgeons who use the latest robotic surgery platform.

Brain Scan
4K 3D Visual Innovation Takes on Brain Cancer in the OR Like No Other Can

Surgery available nowhere else in the U.S. providing advanced technology.

3D Render of Jaw
Surgeons Use 3D Planning and Printing for Jaw Reconstruction Surgeries

Because each jaw bone is unique, the hardware has to be tailor made.

Rendering of New Hospital

Your Impact? Saving Lives

This hospital will increase the power and speed with which Moffitt can translate our discoveries to the benefit of all people. You can play an important role in that.

You Can Help Build the Future

A wide variety of gift opportunities and exceptional naming rights are available throughout the building and within the beautifully landscaped exterior spaces. We wish to partner with philanthropists who share our vision of a world where cancer no longer causes suffering for so many individuals and families. Explore the many opportunities this state-of-art surgical hospital has to offer.

Naming Opportunities

We welcome your partnership and look forward to speaking with you about the many ways you can become involved.
Our team is available to gives tours of the campus throughout the construction process.

Help Us Meet the Challenge

The team at the Moffitt Foundation welcomes all inquiries about how to support the new surgical hospital and impact countless lives. If you have questions about donating or would like to learn more, please contact us.

Moffitt Cancer Center Foundation

(813) 745-1403

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