George Edgecomb Society


George Edgecomb Society

While there has been progress in cancer treatment, screening, diagnosis and
prevention over the past decades, it has
been slower for the black/African American community. This community continues to
face higher cancer rates and cancer deaths. When compared to other communities, these higher rates are called cancer health disparities.

Examples of cancer health disparities in the black/African American
community include:

  • Highest Overall Rates
  • Highest Death Rate
  • Higher Rates Of Aggressive Forms Of Breast Cancer
  • Higher Rates Of Prostate Cancer And Deaths
  • Higher Rates Of Cervical Cancer


George E. Edgecomb
George E. Edgecomb

In 1986, the Moffitt Cancer Center opened its doors as a result of the efforts of Mr. H. Lee Moffitt. He created the cancer center with a very good friend in mind, George E. Edgecomb. The Honorable George E. Edgecomb was diagnosed with cancer, but did not have many local options for his treatment. Mr. Moffitt believed that a premier cancer center in the state of Florida was needed to serve all of the citizens across the state.
Moffitt Cancer Center created the George E. Edgecomb Society to keep this legacy alive by ensuring equitable health outcomes and the elimination of cancer health disparities among blacks and African Americans.

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ADVOCATES to prevent and cure cancer, as well as eliminate cancer disparities
EDUCATES members on new treatment protocols and research efforts
AWARDS financial support for the research and clinical efforts of scientists focused on cancer disparities
PROMOTES Moffitt’s physicians and researchers and their outstanding care and innovative research

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