When it comes to beating a cancer of the blood, urgency is essential. You can feel secure putting your trust in Moffitt Cancer Center. Our malignant hematology experts have dedicated their lives to studying and treating blood cancers and have an unparalleled passion for helping patients. These specialized care teams practice exclusively in blood cancers — including leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma — providing the most advanced treatments, such as immunotherapy, personalized targeted therapies, and blood and marrow transplantation.


Setting the Bar Higher

Moffitt is fast-tracking revolutionary therapies. We have experience with all blood cancers and are utilizing hundreds of active clinical trials to help provide the best outcomes in Florida, exceeding national averages. Your best chance of beating cancer of the blood is right here in Tampa at Moffitt.

Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment

Immunotherapy is a source of hope for many patients – especially those who have not benefitted from other options. These therapies fight cancer by harnessing the power of the body’s natural immune system. Many Moffitt patients have an opportunity to be among the first to access a potentially effective novel treatment.

Moffitt offers several types of cellular immunotherapy, including CAR T cell therapy, TCR therapy, TIL therapy, dendritic cell vaccines, and we are continually investigating additional options. We firmly believe that, with the immune system on our side, we are getting closer to beating cancer for good.

For all blood cancers, your first choice is your best chance. As the only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center based in Florida, Moffitt has received the highest level of recognition for cancer care and research.


“In March of 2016, I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. We flew up to New York. We went to Boston. We went out to Houston. But the hidden gem is right in my backyard ... and that was Moffitt. They also spent the extra time when I was struggling. That’s why I chose Moffitt.”

-Mark Pentecost
Cancer Survivor

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The Expertise You Have Been Looking For.

Moffitt has expert knowledge and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of blood conditions like:

Choosing cancer treatment at Moffitt can be a life-changing experience. As our patient you can expect:

  • Access to the most advanced technology and treatment combinations
  • A dedicated team of medical professionals working together to develop a personalized treatment plan
  • Convenience of all your medical appointments, treatments and tests happening in the same location
  • Opportunities to take part in clinical trials for blood cancers and immunotherapy, some of which are developed by our world-renowned doctors and are only available at Moffitt
  • Expert treatment from one of the leading blood cancer hospitals in the world
  • Our patients have unmatched support and more treatment options.
Blood Cancer Experts


Moffitt is proud to be Florida’s top choice for the best cancer outcomes.

A doctor talking to a patient about a bone marrow transplant

What is a Bone Marrow Transplant?

We can help you decide whether this complex treatment is the right next step for you.

A CAR T researcher

What is CAR T Therapy?

CAR T is a personalized immunotherapy using the patient’s own immune cells, or T cells, to fight cancer.


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