Cystoprostatectomy for Men with Bladder Cancer in Ft. Myers & Naples, FL

For men with bladder cancer in the Ft. Myers and Naples, Florida, areas, Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa stands out as the ideal cancer center for cystoprostatectomy and other treatments. Our Urologic Oncology Program specializes in the evaluation and treatment of men with bladder cancer, and we complete a high number of cystoprostatectomies every year. To perform this procedure, our expert surgeons remove the bladder, prostate, nearby lymph nodes, perivesical tissues and seminal vesicles, and then create an alternative way for urine to be collected from the kidneys and stored before elimination.

Many patients from Ft. Myers and Naples, FL, choose to undergo cystoprostatectomy procedures at Moffitt because of our renowned surgical team and the advanced treatments that we offer. At Moffitt, you’ll benefit from our:  

  • Specialized knowledge – Our surgeons, medical oncologists and other specialists treat a high volume of patients with bladder cancer, so they have the refined expertise necessary to determine which treatments will yield the best quality of life for you.
  • State-of-the-art technology – Known as a world leader in robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery, Moffitt has extensive experience in using robotics to perform minimally invasive, nerve-sparing cystoprostatectomy procedures. Compared to traditional open surgery, these robotic procedures offer numerous benefits, such as minimized pain, less noticeable scars and faster recovery times.
  • Collaborative approach – Throughout your treatment process, a team of cancer specialists will meet on a weekly basis to evaluate your case and continually refine your treatment plan, providing you with multiple expert opinions without the need for referrals.

In an effort to help our patients and their families with travel arrangements, Moffitt works closely with several area hotels that give our patients discounted rates. Men in the Ft. Myers and Naples, FL, area who would like additional information about cystoprostatectomy and the other bladder cancer treatment options available at Moffitt can call 1-888-663-3488 or new patient registration form online. We welcome patients with and without referrals.