Partial Hysterectomy Procedures Available to Gynecological Cancer Patients from Kissimmee, FL

Gynecological cancer patients in Kissimmee, Florida, who are considering partial hysterectomy surgery are closer than they may think to a world-leading cancer treatment center. Located in nearby Tampa, Moffitt Cancer Center welcomes women from across the state to receive comprehensive treatment and support for cervical, ovarian and uterine cancers at our gynecological clinic. Our fellowship-trained surgeons, who each exclusively focus on a particular field of specialty, possess unparalleled experience performing complex procedures that make once-inoperable cancers now surgically resectable. And when it comes to beating cancer, the expertise of the surgeon makes a difference.

A partial hysterectomy procedure, among other surgeries that can address gynecological cancers, may be part of a Moffitt patient’s individualized treatment plan. These plans are created by a patient’s multispecialty treatment team, consisting of physicians, oncologists, pathologists, dietitians, social workers, chaplains and other medical and supportive care professionals. By taking this diverse approach to treatment, Moffitt addresses multiple aspects of a patient’s well-being and helps to improve her quality of life. Furthermore, all of Moffitt’s experts practice at our single campus, so our patients don’t have to drive across town to receive treatment and support from various specialists.

Moffitt’s status as a world-leading cancer center can be accredited to more than the expertise of our surgeons and our multispecialty treatment teams, however. We stand apart from other cancer centers for several additional reasons, including: 

  • We spearhead innovative research initiatives and promising clinical trials, allowing many of our patients access to new treatments before they are made widely available elsewhere.
  • Each patient’s progress is evaluated on a weekly basis by a tumor board of Moffitt cancer specialists, who continually refine individualized treatment plans to maximize effectiveness.
  • Our patient satisfaction rate consistently ranks at more than 95 percent thanks in part to the unrivaled standard of care provided by all our compassionate and skilled professionals.

To assist our patients from Kissimmee, FL, who are traveling to receive a partial hysterectomy or another cancer procedure, Moffitt has partnered with several Tampa-area hotels to offer discounted rates. These hotels provide an outstanding level of comfort and hospitality to our patients, and are in accordance with Moffitt’s high standards regarding hygiene and infection control. 

Women from Kissimmee, FL, or beyond who are interested in learning information about partial hysterectomy procedures and gynecological cancer treatment at Moffitt are encouraged to call 1-888-663-3488 or fill out our online registration form for new patients. No referrals are required to meet with any of our oncologists.