TRIP Research

Man with head gear smoking cessation

The primary mission of TRIP is to conduct high-quality research on psychosocial and behavioral factors that contribute to tobacco use, and on the development and evaluation of improved and novel methods of tobacco use, prevention and cessation.

MeasuresThe researchers at TRIP have developed measures designed to assess attributes of smokers, tobacco dependence and the process of quitting. Learn more

Forever Free Self-Help Booklets - Forever Free© offers smokers a series of booklets to help them quit smoking and stay quit. The original Forever Free booklets were developed to help recent quitters remain smoke-free. Later versions were created specifically for pregnant women and new mothers, as well as in Spanish.  Finally, a version (Stop Smoking For Good) was created for current smokers who want to quit smoking. Learn more

FreshBreak® Cessation Clinic - FreshBreak® offers free or low-cost smoking cessation programs to the Tampa Bay community. Smoking cessation counseling is typically offered to individuals or small groups that meet at the clinic in the afternoon or early evening. Learn more