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Research Teams

Faculty members are encouraged to form teams around specific topics, no matter how informal, to take research in new directions. They also range from big ideas to very specialized areas of focus.

Cancer Chemoprevention - the use of natural, synthetic, or biologic compounds including vaccines to inhibitor reverse pre-invasive carcinogenesis before the development of clinical cancer, as signified by cellular invasion across the basement membrane. 

Tobacco Research and Intervention - a high-quality research on psychosocial and behavioral factors that contribute to tobacco use, and on the development and evaluation of improved and novel methods of tobacco use, prevention and cessation.

Myeloma Working Group - the goals of the myeloma working group revolve around defining these entities within multiple myeloma.

Systems Medicine Working Group - faculty members from multiple Moffitt Cancer Center programs and departments who realize the importance of integrated, team-based approaches and network level views of human cancers.