Molecular Oncology in the News

Molecular Oncology in the News

December 2019

  • Faculty Chair Elsa Flores, PhD, Faculty Lead Lixin Wan, PhD, and Faculty Co-Lead Karen Mann, PhD present the 2019 Molecular Oncology Research-In-Progress (MO-RIP) Seminar Series Finale Awards and Holiday Luncheon.
    o Suman Govindaraju, PhD (K. Mann Lab) was awarded best presentation by a senior trainee and Junhao Lu, PhD (Chen Lab) was awarded best presentation by a junior trainee during Q4 of the 2019 MO-RIP Seminar Series.
    o Qingling Huang, PhD (Chen Lab) and Junhao Lu, PhD (Chen Lab) received awards for excellence in providing high-quality peer review and evaluation to presenters throughout 2019 MORIP Seminar Series.
    o For the second year in a row, faculty member Mark Alexandrow, PhD was recognized as the most dedicated faculty evaluator during the 2019 MO-RIP Seminar Series.
    o Chang Jiang, PhD (DeNicola Lab) was recognized as the trainee who asked the most questions throughout the 2019 MO-RIP Seminar Series.

Molecular Oncology Department Event
From left, Lixin Wan, Karen Mann, Suman Govindaraju, Junhao Lu, Elsa Flores, Chang Jiang, Qingling Huang and Mark Alexandrow

  • Garima Pandey, PhD, a post-doctoral fellow in Gary Reuther’s lab, presented her work and won an Abstract Achievement Award for her presentation on her studies on SHP2 and myeloid neoplasms at the 2019 American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting, the premier meeting in the world for malignant hematology research.
    Garima Pandey
    Garima Pandey at the 2019 ASH meeting.
  • The Reuther lab collaborated with the lab of Dr. Ken Wright at Moffitt on an important study published in the journal Blood highlighting the role of HDAC11 in myeloid neoplasms. In addition to Dr. Gary Reuther, Narmin Amin (research associate in the Reuther lab) is a co-author on the studies.
  • Published a paper in Bio-protocol: Brook S. Nepon-Sixt and Mark G. Alexandrow. 2019. DNAse I Chromatin Accessibility Analysis. Bio-protocol, 9(23): e3444. DOI: 10:21769/BioProtoc.3444.
  • John Lockhart, PhD was appointed as the inaugural postdoctoral fellow to a newly-funded T32 in Cancer Biology and Data Science. Dr. Lockhart holds a B. S. in Biology, an M.S. in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology and recently earned his Ph.D. in Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology. Dr. Flores will serve as his primary mentor. For more information, or to apply to become the next postdoctoral fellow, visit the program website.

November 2019

  • Ana Contreras-Sandoval, PhD (Postdoc Fellow, M. Mann Lab) received a travel award and was invited to present her work entitled “Harnessing Sleeping Beauty transposon mutagenesis to model tumor heterogeneity in melanoma preclinical models” at the Society for Melanoma Research 16th International Congress, Salt Lake City, UT.
  • Reuther Lab
    Reuther Lab published paper graphical abstract. Lucia Mazzacurati, PhD, a research scientist in Gary Reuther’s lab, published her work demonstrating the efficacy of targeting PIM kinases in combination with JAK2 inhibition in preclinical models of myeloid neoplasms in Blood Advances (PMID: 31725895). This work supported the initiation of a clinical trial to test the combination of the pan-PIM inhibitor INCB053914 and ruxolitinib ( Identifier: NCT02587598) which is accruing patients at Moffitt and other locations. In addition to Lucia, other members of Dr. Reuther’s lab who are co-authors on this work include Garima Pandey, PhD (postdoctoral fellow) and Narmin Amin (research associate). This work was chosen as a highlight of the issue by the editor in chief of Blood Advances and was also highlighted on the Blood Advances Twitter feed.
  • Dr. Mann delivers the ACS keynote speech
    Michael Mann delivers the ACS keynote. Faculty member Michael Mann, PhD was selected as an American Cancer Society Funded Moffitt Cancer Center Researcher to deliver a Keynote "Harnessing Genomics for Future Cancer Care" at The New Wave of Cancer Research and Treatment Luncheon hosted by the American Cancer Society and Dr. James J. Vopal, DDS, MD, FACS of the The Breast Care Center of the Treasure Coast.
  • New paper published in Cancer Research: "A versatile ES cellbased melanoma mouse modeling platform." (Karreth Lab)
  • Nicol Mecozzi (Master’s student) joins the Karreth Lab.

October 2019

  • Molecular Oncology faculty and trainees very successful 2019 Cancer Biology and Evolution Symposium. The event was organized by Faculty Member Karen Mann, PhD and Department Admin and CBE Program Coordinator, Kristen Gilpin. Molecular Oncology trainees presented 21 abstracts at this year’s Symposium. Congratulations to the following Molecular Oncology Trainees who received awards for their presentations:
    o Poster Highlights Awardees Lucia Mazzacurati, PhD (Postdoc Fellow, Reuther Lab) and Haley Ackerman, PhD (Postdoc Fellow, Flores Lab), Oral Presentation Awardee Marco NapoliPhD (Postdoc Fellow, Flores Lab), and Poster Presentation Awardee Suman Govindaraju, PhD (Postdoc Fellow, K. Mann Lab) were presented their respective awards by CBE Symposium Faculty Chairperson Dr. Karen Mann.

Molecular Oncology - Poster Highlights
From left, Marco Napoli and Karen Mann. Lucia Mazzacurati, Haley Ackerman and Karen Mann.

  • Faculty member Doug Cress, PhD was appointed to serve as co-investigator of an Administrative Supplement to Moffitt’s Cancer Center Support Grant (P30CA076292: Sellers, PI) continuing efforts to serve as the ‘regional hub’ for strengthening research, training, and outreach capacity for the Geographic Management of Cancer Health Disparities (CHD) Program for Region 2 (GMaP–2) spanning AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, MO, MS, and PR. Specifically, Dr. Cress will support biospecimen resources for the entire GMAP Region 2.
  • Faculty Member Karen Mann, PhD presented a talk at the Gigi Arledge Shaw Conference on Pancreatic Diseases at Columbia University in NYC.
  • Faculty member Karen Mann, PhD presented at the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN) Annual Scientific Summit in Miami, FL.
  • Jameela Lokhandwala, PhD (Postdoctoral fellow), Angelo Nicolaci (Research Associate), and Sanja Todorovic (Intern) join the Binning Lab.

September 2019

  • Faculty Members Elsa Flores, PhD and Doug Cress, PhD received a Notice of Award for a 1.5 million dollar NCI T32 training Integrated Program in Cancer and Data Science
  • Faculty Member Doug Cress, PhD presented his work at the James and Esther King Biomedical Research Grant Symposium

August 2019

  • New paper published in Nature Communications: "Interplay between c-Src and the APC/C co-activator Cdh1 regulates mammary tumorigenesis.” (Wan Lab)
  • New paper published in FEBS Open Bio "Characterization of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) P848L, an unusual EGFR variant present in lung cancer patients, in a murine Ba/F3 model." (Cress Lab)
  • New paper published in Cancer Research: "MEK inhibition modulates cytokine response to mediate therapeutic efficacy in lung cancer." (Cress Lab)

July 2019

  • Qingliang Li, PhD (Postdoc Fellow, Chen Lab) was recognized and awarded best trainee presentation during the 2019 second quarter Department of Molecular Oncology Research-In-Progress Seminar Series (RIP).
  • Faculty member Florian Karreth, PhD presented a seminar at the Anna Spiegel Center of Translational Research at the Medical University Vienna, Austria.
  • Shengyan (Kevin) Xiang, PhD (Research Scientist) and Jon Faughn, Ph.D. (Postdoctoral Fellow) join the Alexandrow Lab.
  • Rajanikanth Vangipurapu, PhD (Research Scientist) joins the K Mann Lab.
  • Kazi Aslamuzzaman, PhD (Research Scientist) joins the Flores Lab.
  • Ariana Angarita Medrano (Research Associate) joins the Karreth Lab.

June 2019

  • Faculty member Florian Karreth, PhD presented at the 3rd International Symposium on Frontiers in Molecular Science - RNA Regulatory Networks conference in Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Graduate student Ella Bok published a preprint on BioRxiv: Bok et al., “A versatile ES cell-based melanoma mouse modeling platform.” (Karreth Lab)
  • Faculty members Jennifer Binning, PhD and Michael Mann, PhD presented the 2019 Annual Florida Academic Cancer Center Alliance (FACCA) Research Retreat

May 2019

  • Molecular Oncology faculty Karen Mann, PhD and Michael Mann, PhD together with Philipp Altrock, PhD (Integrated Mathematical Oncology) and Eric Padron, MD (Malignant Hematology) were awarded a Moffitt Cancer Center 2019 Team Science Early Development Award to study latent therapeutic vulnerabilities in myeloid leukemia using integrated animal and mathematical modeling.
  • Marco Napoli, PhD (Postdoc Fellow, Flores Lab) was awarded best trainee presentation during the 2019 first quarter Department of Molecular Oncology Research-In-Progress Seminar Series (RIP).
  • Michael Mann, PhD and Postdoc Fellow Ana M. Contreras-Sandoval, PhD presented their work within Interdisciplinary Spotlight on Disease Models Mini-Symposium at the 77th Annual Society for Investigative Dermatology Meeting in Chicago, IL.
  • Congratulations to Marco Napoli, PhD (Postdoc Fellow, Flores Lab) for being selected as an Oral Presenter Award representing Basic Science Research and to Garima Pandey, PhD (Postdoc Fellow, Reuther Lab) for being selected as a Featured Poster Presenter Award representing Basic Science Research at the 2019 Moffitt Scientific Symposium.
  • Molecular Oncology trainees presented 20 abstracts at the 2019 Moffitt Scientific Symposium.