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Physician Relations

Physician Liaisons serve as a connection between Moffitt and the referring provider. Our team visits practices in Tampa and communities around Central Florida. We can provide:

  • Communication with Moffitt faculty and staff
  • Information about new treatments and technologies
  • Clinical trial updates
  • Online referral support
  • Access to medical records
  • Continuing medical education programs
  • Moffitt facility tours

If you're a healthcare provider or part of a medical office and would like to know more about what a Physician Liaison can do for you, reach out to us.

Contact the Team at:

Marina Delgadillo
Marina Delgadillo
Physician Liaison
Territory: Polk County and East

Suzanne Hermann
Suzanne Hermann
Physician Liaison
Territory: Pinellas County and South

Carmen Brownlee
Physician Liaison 
Territory: Pasco County and North

Paula Kiss 
Physician Liaison
Territory: Hillsborough County