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Remembering Dr. Charles Williams

Dr. Charles Williams

If anyone lived Moffitt’s mission, it was Dr. Charles Williams.

He had been here since day one, when Moffitt’s doors opened in 1986. He spent the next three decades building a lasting legacy.

“Charlie has been a mentor for most of Moffitt’s medical oncologists for more than 30 years. He set the standard for medical oncology and patient care, consistently demonstrating selfless dedication to the success and well-being of others,” said Moffitt’s Physician-in-Chief Dr. Doug Letson.

It only took a short time working alongside Dr. Williams for his colleagues to see what an outstanding caretaker, clinician and person he was.

“He was very much influenced by Mr. Moffitt’s vision of what a cancer center would and should be and that’s what made him thrive,” Dr. Robert Keenan said.

Dr. Williams always put patients first. He was in the clinic almost every day and would never hesitate to squeeze appointments into his busy schedule.

“He is clearly someone who you would like to aspire to emulate,” said Dr. Keenan.

Nurses say Dr. Williams had the best sense of humor and a contagious smile, making each and every one he worked with feel special. He had an uplifting spirit that could turn any bad day around.

Dr. Williams also understood the importance of clinical research at Moffitt and was named Moffitt’s Physician of the Year in 2010.

“The entire Moffitt family is devastated by the loss of Dr. Williams,” added our president and CEO Dr. Alan List. “He has been part of our family since the cancer center’s inception and through the years has fought courageously alongside countless number of patients going through their cancer journey. Our thoughts are with Dr. Williams’ family and our team members at this very difficult time.”

A fund has been set up with Moffitt Foundation so that gifts to lung cancer research can be made in his name. 

Remember Dr. Charles Williams