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Specialty Pharmacy Frequently Asked Questions

Moffitt Specialty Pharmacy focuses on providing medications while providing you with excellent customer service and specialty support. Learn more in these frequently asked questions:

What is a specialty pharmacy?

A specialty pharmacy provides complex and costly medications, usually requiring special storage and handling that may not be available at your local pharmacy. The medications are injected, taken by mouth or infused. Sometimes, these medications have side effects that require monitoring by a trained pharmacist. Moffitt Specialty Pharmacy focuses on providing these medications while providing you with excellent customer service and specialty support.

Will my insurance company let Moffitt Specialty Pharmacy dispense my medication?

Moffitt Specialty Pharmacy can dispense for most insurance companies. Occasionally, your insurance company will require the use of another pharmacy. In these instances, we will transfer your prescription and have the new pharmacy contact you.

Will you ever substitute my medication with another?

From time to time, it is necessary to substitute generic drugs for brand-name drugs. This could occur due to your insurance company preferring the generic be dispensed or to reduce your copay. If a substitution needs to be made, a member of the Moffitt Specialty Pharmacy team will contact you prior to shipping the medication to inform you of the substitution.

When should I contact Moffitt Specialty Pharmacy?

You should call Moffitt Specialty Pharmacy if:

  • Your address, telephone number or insurance information has changed.
  • You have any questions regarding the status of your prescription. 
  • You have concerns regarding how you take your medication. 
  • You need to reschedule or check the status of your delivery.
  • You need to start or stop a medication or if your dose changes.  You have a reaction or allergy to your medicine. (You will be directed to the Moffitt Patient Care Hotline since your clinic provider wants to hear from you first.) 
  • You would like additional information regarding your plan for therapy.
  • If you need to report a suspected medication issue(s) or if you believe an error in shipping or dispensing has occurred. 
  • If you notice your medication has been recalled by the FDA.

You should also contact us with any other questions or concerns. Our team is happy to assist you with your specialty pharmacy needs, including: 

  • Working with another specialty pharmacy to get your medications delivered. 
  • Helping you get access to medications during an emergency or disaster. 
  • Providing you with tools to manage your therapy, including education materials and consumer advocacy support.
What do I do if I have an adverse reaction to the medication?

Call 911 or have someone drive you to a hospital emergency room if the reaction appears serious or life threatening. Contact your doctor who prescribed the medicine by calling the Moffitt Patient Care Hotline at 813-745-8000 and ultimately please call Moffitt Specialty Pharmacy to report the reaction.

Is it important to take all my medication?

Yes. Follow your doctor’s instructions for both the amount of the medication you should take and the length of time you should take it. We understand that some medications may have unpleasant side effects or be difficult to administer. Our pharmacists are available to offer practical advice about dealing with these issues and can help you to contact your prescriber about the medical management of these side effects.

Can I return my prescription?

Once your prescription is dispensed from the pharmacy it cannot be returned to the pharmacy. If you suspect your medication or device is defective, please call us and we will see if a new medication or device can be sent to you. If you believe the medication you are taking has been recalled, please call Moffitt Specialty Pharmacy, and our team will assist you.

How do I dispose of unused medications?

For instructions on how to properly dispose of unused medications, please contact Moffitt Specialty Pharmacy or visit for information and instructions.