High school student Internship Program in Integrated Mathematical Oncology

Detailed up-to-date information about HIP-IMO, as well as an application form and application specifics can be found on the HIP-IMO website.


HIP–IMO is an integrated mathematical oncology centric internship program that delivers interdisciplinary team science research experiences for high school students. This mentored training program is designed for motivated aspiring scientists to help prepare them for interdisciplinary cancer research careers. Working under the direction and guidance of IMO faculty/scientist mentors, interns are involved in activities designed to foster the development of life-long research skills.


HIP–IMO provides science project mentorship as part of the high school’s curriculum consisting of 8-10 weeks of intensive research study with some of the nation’s leading scientists at the interface between mathematics, cancer biology and clinical research. Students will be involved in ongoing research projects in Integrated Mathematical Oncology, at the Moffitt Cancer Center Magnolia campus, in a designated theoretical research group. Program admittance requires a recommendation letter from teachers as well as prior agreement of an IMO Moffitt faculty member and a well-defined project with clearly stated learning objectives.

The intern will

  • collaborate with an assigned mentor to create a research project with achievable goals in the time allotted
  • gain familiarity with standard methodologies and in a safe environment
  • participate in scheduled lab meetings
  • acquire necessary data through experimentation, computation, surveys or other means
  • document findings in an appropriate format (laboratory journal, audiovisual recording or digital databases)
  • review and discuss findings with research mentors, draw conclusions and make new plans
  • gain oral presentation experience by designing and delivering a five-minute presentation to department members and guests at departmental meetings
  • write a three-page scientific report at the end of the program.

Richard O. Jacobson Scholarship

HIP IMO students will receive a Richard O. Jacobson IMO Scholarship of $1,000. Out of town students may receive an additional up to $1,500 for travel and lodging expenses. HIP IMO participants will be named Richard O. Jacobson IMO Scholars.


For safety and security concerns, all onsite HIP–IMO interns are subjected to a drug screen, a background check and a tuberculosis test (TB). HIP–IMO interns will also be required to complete an online orientation and attend a Laboratory Research Operations Orientation. HIP–IMO does not provide a stipend and is not able to fund housing. Out-of-area-interns must make their own living arrangements.


Interested students should download an application form from the HIP-IMO website. The completed application with an accompanying letter of support from a teacher should be emailed by Feb. 1 of the internship year to hipimo@moffitt.org. Notifications of acceptance will be sent by the end of February.

If you are interested, please email:
Heiko Enderling, Ph.D.
Department of Integrated Mathematical Oncology
Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute
Heiko.Enderling@moffitt.org  or hipimo@moffitt.org