Genetic Testing for Inherited Cancer Risk

A genetic risk assessment is an opportunity for an individual to meet with a genetics expert to discuss their individual risk of developing cancer. An inherited, or genetic risk, can increase a person’s chance of developing certain types of cancer, and can sometimes explain why some people develop cancer while others do not. Knowing this information can provide opportunities for risk reduction, early detection and targeted treatment.

three generations of family

At Moffitt Cancer Center, we offer comprehensive genetic risk assessment services through genetic counseling. During a genetic counseling appointment, one of our board certified genetic counselors will meet with a patient to provide an assessment for inherited cancer risk in a patient and their family and discuss the various options and benefits of genetic testing. In addition, the genetic counselor will discuss the process of:

  • genetic testing
  • considerations and limitations of genetic testing
  • insurance coverage
  • confidentiality 

Our genetic counselors’ goal is to empower patients to make the right decision for themselves regarding genetic testing.

Using this information, our genetic counselors will provide an individualized plan for screening and management. After receiving this genetic counseling, patients can decide whether they would like to move forward with genetic testing, which is performed by Moffitt’s team of medical geneticists. Genetic testing – which is not the same thing is a genetic assessment – is used to examine a patient’s DNA for possible mutations and specific inherited traits.

After receiving genetic counseling, patients decide whether they would like to move forward with genetic testing and what testing they would like to pursue. To learn more about how genetics can influence your individual cancer risk, or to schedule a visit for a genetic risk assessment, call 1-888-663-3488 or complete a new patient registration form online. No referral is required to seek treatment at Moffitt.

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