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Margaret Byrne, PhD

Academic Rank: Associate Member


My research efforts are dedicated to developing, evaluating, and implementing tools that help clinicians and patients make informed decisions about complicated medical decisions in full consideration of the ethical, psychosocial, and economic factors impacting the decision.


    • Health Outcomes and Behavior
    • Individualized Cancer Management
    • Health Outcomes & Behavior Program

Education & Training


  • University of Florida, PhD - Economics
  • University of Florida, MS - Zoology
  • National Science Foundation, Fellow - Ethics

My research efforts are dedicated to developing, evaluating, and implementing tools that help clinicians and patients make informed decisions about complicated medical decisions in full consideration of the ethical, psychosocial, and economic factors impacting the decisionResearch Interests: The three main areas of my current research arise from my graduate training in Economics (PhD), and a post-graduate NSF fellowship in ethics. Each of these areas will be briefly described below. Medical Decision MakingAt its core, economics concerns itself with decision making: how people make decisions about activities and allocate resources to yield the greatest utility for themselves and others. My own research interests in the area of decision making current focus on how we can help patients and providers make decisions in preference sensitive situations. That is, when there is no “one right” decision for all patients, and so patients’ preferences and values should be central or at least considered in the decision. The two areas that I am currently most focused on in this type of research are: 1) decisions about participation in a cancer clinical trial; and 2) decisions about screening for lung cancer. In both of these areas, decision making is often compromised by lack of information, non-consideration of patient values, or both. I and colleagues have developed interactive decision aids which aim to help individuals and patients make more informed decisions that align with the patient’s preferences. Other topic areas in my decision making research have included: 1) decisions about eating shell fish and going to the beach during a Florida Red Tide; 2) decisions about pregnancy in HIV infected women; 3) decisions about screening for colorectal cancer; and 4) decisions about medical versus surgical interventions for knee osteoarthritis. Evaluation of Health Care InterventionsAs a health economist, I am interested in the overall issue about where it is most important and useful for us to put resources to improve health care (by whatever measure we chose to use to evaluate improvements in health care). Specifically, in this area I have collaborated on a wide range of health care projects and interventions with the goal of determining the resource utilization (costs) and cost-effectiveness of these interventions. Such information is basic and essential in determining optimal resource all location and improving health care. Examples of specific interventions where I have assessed costs and cost-effectiveness include: 1) provision of diabetic retinopathy screening in a community setting; 2) provision of different forms of cervical and colorectal cancer screening in the community; 3) costs of secondary conditions in women with severe disabilities; 4) provision of diabetic outpatient treatment; and 5) costs and output of Institutional Review Boards in health research, among others. Ethical Issues in ResearchMy background in ethical issues in health research was born from my interest in the use of financial incentives in health care situations. Early on in my career, I and a colleague published a number of economic modeling papers looking at the effect of financial incentives in: 1) End of life treatment; 2) Organ donation; 3) Participation in medical research; and 4) Promotion of prevention health care use. From the specific focus on the use of financial incentives in trials, I completed a 1 year NSF funded fellowship in which I studied ethical foundations broadly, and ethical issues specifically related to health care and use of financial incentives (for example, the possible roles of coercion and exploitation for example). I have been involved with bioethics research directly or indirectly for all of my career after that, with empirical studies including: 1) the effective of financial incentives in substance abuse treatment research; 2) the potential use of financial incentives to reduce the therapeutic misconception in research studies; and a variety of genomic studies which included both ethical concerns and patient decision making aspects.


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