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Health Outcomes and Behavior

The Department of Health Outcomes and Behavior (HOB) at Moffitt Cancer Center is focused on understanding the effects of health-related practices on cancer outcomes in terms of both survival and quality of life. Our mission is to discover, develop, test and implement effective strategies to promote healthy lifestyle behaviors for cancer control. By establishing clear links between specific actions and end results, our vital research is continually improving cancer prevention, detection and treatment.

Moffitt’s diverse HOB faculty members collaborate extensively with the basic and clinical scientists at Moffitt as well as members of other organizations within the community. The focal points of our initiatives span the continuum of basic methodologies, clinical applications and broader policy implications. To facilitate this important work, we use a wide range of advanced methodological tools, including:

  • Human laboratory-based studies
  • Surveys
  • Qualitative research
  • Meta-analyses and systematic reviews
  • Randomized controlled trials
  • Economic evaluations

Moffitt’s robust and productive HOB program is a recognized leader in cancer outcomes research on a national level. The progress we’ve made to date continues to have a far-reaching impact on health-related policies and cancer treatment. In this regard, much of our work is translational in nature, and we quickly move our advances out to the community and patient populations for application and evaluation. A few examples of recent research topics include tobacco dependence, cancer-related health disparities and the economic implications of cancer treatment.

The Department of Health Outcomes and Behavior at Moffitt Cancer Center takes a highly collaborative approach that continually leads to new discoveries, conceptual models and strategies to reduce the burden of cancer in diverse populations.

Health Outcomes and Behavior Department Members

Thomas H. Brandon, PhD

Vice Chair:
Susan T. Vadaparampil, PhD, MPH

Margaret Byrne, PhD
Shannon Christy, PhD
Kristine A. Donovan, PhD, MBA
David J. Drobes, PhD
David Evans, PhD
Brian Gonzalez, PhD
B. Lee Green, PhD
Clement K. Gwede, PhD, MPH, RN
Heather S. Jim, PhD
Cathy D. Meade, PhD, RN, FAAN
Gwendolyn P. Quinn, PhD
Maija Reblin, PhD
Vani Nath Simmons, PhD
Christine Vinci, PhD

Joint Appointments:
Daniel Anaya, MD
Scott M. Gilbert, MD
Julian Sanchez, MD