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Metabolism and Physiology Department Metrics

View the clinical trials, grants and publications from the Department of Metabolism and Physiology.

Clinical Trials
Targeted Intra-arterial Gemcitabine vs. Continuation of IV Gemcitabine plus Nab-Paclitaxel following Induction with sequential IV Gemcitabine plus Nab-Paclitaxel and Radiotherapy for Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer
Condition: Gastrointestinal Tumor
Intervention: Gemzar (gemcitabine); Nab-paclitaxel (Abraxane); Xeloda (capecitabine); capecitabine (); gemcitabine ()

A Phase II Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Prostatic Artery Embolization in Patients with Localized Prostate Carcinoma and Obstructive Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms
Condition: Genitourinary

  • Investigation of NRF2-Dependent Metabolic Liabilities
    Sponsor: Nat Institutes of Health
    PI:DeNicola, G.
  • Investigation of NRF2-Dependent Metabolic Liabilities
    Sponsor: Nat Institutes of Health
    PI:DeNicola, G.
  • Perturbing the Evolutionary Drivers of Targeted Therapy Resistance in NSCLC
    Sponsor: Amer Cancer Society
    PI:Marusyk, A.
  • Imaging Acidosis and Immune Therapy in PDAC
    Sponsor: Nat Institutes of Health
    PI (Contact):Gillies, R.,PI (MPI):Pilon-Thomas, S.
  • Therapeutic strategies for KEAP1/NRF2 mutant lung cancer
    Sponsor: Florida Biomedical Research Program (FBRP)
    PI:DeNicola, G.
  • Exploiting Ecology and Evolution to Prevent Therapy Resistance in EGFR-Driven Lung Cancer
    Sponsor: Nat Institutes of Health
    PI:Marusyk, A.
  • Metabolic basis of the NADPH-independent disulfide reductase system in mouse liver
    Sponsor: Nat Institutes of Health
    PI (MPI):DeNicola, G.
  • Defining the Role of Metabolic Heterogeneity in Melanoma Dissemination and Therapy Escape
    Sponsor: Nat Institutes of Health
    PI:Smalley, I.
  • Pyridine Nucleotides: Missing Link between Aging and Lung Cancer
    Sponsor: Florida Biomedical Research Program (FBRP)
    PI:DeNicola, G.,CO-PI:Gomes, A.
  • Evolution of Evolability Under Targeted Therapies
    Sponsor: Moffitt Cancer Center
    PI:Marusyk, A.,CO-PI:Basanta Gutierrez, D.
  • Conjugates for Detection of Breast Cancer Nodal Metastasis
    Sponsor: Moffitt Cancer Center
    PI:Morse, D.,CO-PI:Luca, V.
  • Engineering Bispecific Nanobodies for Detection of Breast Cancer Nodal Metastasis
    Sponsor: US Army
    PI:Morse, D.
  • Impact of extracellular glutathione catabolism on triple-negative breast cancer
    Sponsor: Nat Institutes of Health
    PI:DeNicola, G.
  • A High Content Screening Platform for High Throughput, High Content Imaging and Analysis
    Sponsor: Nat Institutes of Health
    PI (Contact):McDonald, P.
  • Defining and targeting the immune-suppressive metabolic microenvironment of leptomeningeal melanoma metastases
    Sponsor: Nat Institutes of Health
    PI:Smalley, I.
  • Tumor-stroma metabolic crosstalk in melanoma brain metastases
    Sponsor: Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA)
    PI:Smalley, I.
  • Ecology and Evolution of Breast Carcinogenesis
    Sponsor: Nat Institutes of Health
    PI (MPI):Silva, A.
  • Yoon SJ, Combs JA, Falzone A, Prieto-Farigua N, Caldwell S, Ackerman HD, Flores ER, DeNicola GM. Comprehensive Metabolic Tracing Reveals the Origin and Catabolism of Cysteine in Mammalian Tissues and Tumors. Cancer Res. 2023 May.83(9):1426-1442. Pubmedid: 36862034. Pmcid: PMC10152234.
  • Ilter D, Drapela S, Schild T, Ward NP, Adhikari E, Low V, Asara J, Oskarsson T, Lau EK, DeNicola GM, McReynolds MR, Gomes AP. NADK-mediated de novo NADP(H) synthesis is a metabolic adaptation essential for breast cancer metastasis. Redox Biol. 2023 May.61:102627. Pubmedid: 36841051. Pmcid: PMC9982641.
  • DeBlasi JM, Falzone A, Caldwell S, Prieto-Farigua N, Prigge JR, Schmidt EE, Chio IIC, Karreth FA, DeNicola GM. Distinct Nrf2 Signaling Thresholds Mediate Lung Tumor Initiation and Progression. Cancer Res. 2023 Apr. Pubmedid: 37062029.
  • Torrente L, DeNicola GM. GAPDH redox redux-rewiring pentose phosphate flux. Nat Metab. 2023 Apr.5(4):538-539. Pubmedid: 37024755.
  • Khaled ML, Tarhini AA, Forsyth PA, Smalley I, Piña Y. Leptomeningeal Disease (LMD) in Patients with Melanoma Metastases. Cancers (Basel). 2023 Mar.15(6). Pubmedid: 36980770. Pmcid: PMC10047692.
  • Dutta T, Kapoor N, Mathew M, Chakraborty SS, Ward NP, Prieto-Farigua N, Falzone A, DeLany JP, Smith SR, Coen PM, DeNicola GM, Gardell SJ. Source of nicotinamide governs its metabolic fate in cultured cells, mice, and humans. Cell Rep. 2023 Mar.42(3):112218. Pubmedid: 36897780.
  • Ravi H, Arias-Lorza AM, Costello JR, Han HS, Jeong DK, Klinz SG, Sachdev JC, Korn RL, Raghunand N. Pretherapy Ferumoxytol-enhanced MRI to Predict Response to Liposomal Irinotecan in Metastatic Breast Cancer. Radiol Imaging Cancer. 2023 Mar.5(2):e220022. Pubmedid: 36734848. Pmcid: PMC10077095.
  • Asantewaa G, Tuttle ET, Ward NP, Kang YP, Kim Y, Kavanagh ME, Girnius N, Chen Y, Duncan R, Rodriguez K, Hecht F, Zocchi M, Smorodintsev-Schiller L, Scales TQ, Taylor K, Alimohammadi F, Sechrist ZR, Agostini-Vulaj D, Schafer XL, Chang H, Smith Z, O'Connor TN, Whelan S, Selfors LM, Crowdis J, Gray GK, Bronson RT, Brenner D, Rufini A, Dirksen RT, Hezel AF, Huber AR, Munger J, Cravatt BF, Vasiliou V, Cole CL, DeNicola GM, Harris IS. Glutathione supports lipid abundance in vivo. bioRxiv. 2023 Feb. Pubmedid: 36798186. Pmcid: PMC9934595.
  • Miroshnychenko D, Miti T, Miller A, Kumar P, Laurie M, Bui MM, Altrock PM, Basanta D, Marusyk A. Paracrine enhancement of tumor cell proliferation provides indirect stroma-mediated chemoresistance via acceleration of tumor recovery between chemotherapy cycles. bioRxiv. 2023 Feb. Pubmedid: 36798328. Pmcid: PMC9934626.
  • Van Oss SB, Parikh SB, Coelho NC, Wacholder A, Belashov I, Zdancewicz S, Michaca M, Xu J, Kang YP, Ward NP, Yoon SJ, McCourt KM, McKee J, Ideker T, VanDemark AP, DeNicola GM, Carvunis AR. On the illusion of auxotrophy: met15Δ yeast cells can grow on inorganic sulfur, thanks to the previously uncharacterized homocysteine synthase Yll058w. J Biol Chem. 2022 Dec.298(12):102697. Pubmedid: 36379252. Pmcid: PMC9763685.
  • Sriramareddy SN, Faião-Flores F, Emmons MF, Saha B, Chellappan S, Wyatt C, Smalley I, Licht JD, Durante MA, Harbour JW, Smalley KSM. HDAC11 activity contributes to MEK inhibitor escape in uveal melanoma. Cancer Gene Ther. 2022 Dec.29(12):1840-1846. Pubmedid: 35332245. Pmcid: PMC9508287.
  • Morris BB, Smith JP, Zhang Q, Jiang Z, Hampton OA, Churchman ML, Arnold SM, Owen DH, Gray JE, Dillon PM, Soliman HH, Stover DG, Colman H, Chakravarti A, Shain KH, Silva AS, Villano JL, Vogelbaum MA, Borges VF, Akerley WL, Gentzler RD, Hall RD, Matsen CB, Ulrich CM, Post AR, Nix DA, Singer EA, Larner JM, Stukenberg PT, Jones DR, Mayo MW. Replicative Instability Drives Cancer Progression. Biomolecules. 2022 Oct.12(11). Pubmedid: 36358918. Pmcid: PMC9688014.
  • Pezacki AT, Matier CD, Gu X, Kummelstedt E, Bond SE, Torrente L, Jordan-Sciutto KL, DeNicola GM, Su TA, Brady DC, Chang CJ. Oxidation state-specific fluorescent copper sensors reveal oncogene-driven redox changes that regulate labile copper(II) pools. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2022 Oct.119(43):e2202736119. Pubmedid: 36252013. Pmcid: PMC9621372.
  • Law V, Chen Z, Vena F, Smalley I, Macaulay R, Evernden BR, Tran N, Pina Y, Puskas J, Caceres G, Bayle S, Johnson J, Liu JKC, Etame A, Vogelbaum M, Rodriguez P, Duckett D, Czerniecki B, Chen A, Smalley KSM, Forsyth PA. A preclinical model of patient-derived cerebrospinal fluid circulating tumor cells for experimental therapeutics in leptomeningeal disease from melanoma. Neurooncol. 2022 Oct.24(10):1673-1686. Pubmedid: 35213727. Pmcid: PMC9527526.
  • Smalley I, Smalley KSM. Space Is the Place: Mapping the Cell-Cell Interactions That Predict Immunotherapy Responses in Melanoma. Cancer Res. 2022 Sep.82(18):3198-3200. Pubmedid: 36111402.
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