Moffitt Day in Tallahassee Returns

By Patty Kim - February 28, 2022

President and CEO Dr. Patrick Hwu led a group of Moffitt Cancer Center leaders, team members, advocates and patients Tuesday at Moffitt Day in Tallahassee. Despite challenges with the pandemic, which limited Moffitt’s advocacy day last year, this year featured free cancer screenings on the Mole Patrol mobile unit, an inspirational Capitol Ride and meetings with lawmakers.

Continued financial support from the state will allow Moffitt to build and upgrade facilities to meet the needs of our growing patient population. Expanding Moffitt’s footprint will allow us to develop new therapies and strategies to deliver world-class cancer care.

“We fight to bring money home and on the top of our list is Moffitt Cancer Center to make sure that we maintain the ability to take care of people who can’t take care of themselves,” said Sen. Janet Cruz.

The pandemic has caused many to stop or delay critical cancer screenings, and it’s more important than ever to resume now. Moffitt’s Mole Patrol offered free screenings to the community, logging 36 skin screenings with 26 suspicious findings and 34 head and neck screenings with nine suspicious findings.

The State House, which was in session during Moffitt’s visit, took time to recognize the cancer center.

“We recognize and commend Moffitt Cancer Center on the occasion of its 35th anniversary, and their vision to transform cancer care through cutting edge science, high quality clinical care and novel partnerships,” said Rep. Ardian Zika. 

Thirty-three cyclists participated in the Cure on Wheels Capitol Ride, biking 325 miles from Tampa to Tallahassee over three days to show their support.

“It’s a lot of hard work, but it makes me so proud of being an employee at Moffitt and supporting our mission,” said Dr. Kaaron Benson, director of the Blood Bank.

After the cyclists arrival, the Cure on Wheels group presented Moffitt with a check for $35,000. The funds will be used to support fellow rider Dr. Ghassan El-Haddad and his radiology research.

Cancer touches everyone, and many lawmakers were quick to share how their loved ones and friends are being treated at Moffitt. All the more reason why state support for Florida’s premier cancer center is so important.

“Now is the time to really dig deep and work hard so we can accelerate cures and save more lives,” said Hwu. “We really thank the state of Florida for supporting our mission to prevent and cure cancer.”

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