Recent publications from the Integrated Program in Cancer and Data Science T32 include:

spatialGE: Quantification and visualization of the tumor microenvironment heterogeneity using spatial transcriptomics

Oscar E. Ospina, Christopher M. Wilson, Alex C. Soupir, Anders Berglund, Inna Smalley, Kenneth Y. Tsai, Brooke L. Fridley

Challenges and Opportunities in the Statistical Analysis of Multiplex Immunofluorescence Data

Christopher M Wilson, Oscar E Ospina, Mary K Townsend, Jonathan Nguyen, Carlos Moran Segura, Joellen M Schildkraut, Shelley S Tworoger, Lauren C Peres, Brooke L Fridley

spatialTIME and iTIME: R package and Shiny application for visualization and analysis of immunofluorescence data

Jordan H Creed, Christopher M Wilson, Alex C Soupir, Christelle M Colin-Leitzinger, Gregory J Kimmel, Oscar E Ospina, Nicholas H Chakiryan, Joseph Markowitz, Lauren C Peres, Anna Coghill, Brooke L Fridley

TIMEx: tumor-immune microenvironment deconvolution web-portal for bulk transcriptomics using pan-cancer scRNA-seq signatures

Mengyu XieKyubum LeeJohn H LockhartScott D CukrasRodrigo CarvajalAmer A BegElsa R FloresMingxiang TengChristine H ChungAik Choon Tan

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Deep Learning of Histopathology Images at the Single Cell Level

Kyubum LeeJohn H Lockhart, Mengyu Xie, Ritu Chaudhary, Robbert J C Slebos, Elsa R Flores, Christine H Chung, Aik Choon Tan