Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia Treatment Information

Acute lymphocytic leukemia, or ALL, is a type of cancer that starts in the lymphocytes. Lymphocytes are small white blood cells that help the body’s immune system detect and destroy germs; they are classified as either B lymphocytes or T lymphocytes, depending on their function.

Ordinarily, a person’s bone marrow (the soft inner part of the bones) produces immature cells known as lymphoblasts, which are precursors to B and T lymphocytes. Eventually, lymphoblasts develop into fully functioning, mature cells. In the case of acute lymphocytic leukemia, however, the bone marrow produces abnormal lymphocytes that are unable to mature properly. The word “acute” indicates that this process happens quickly; the resulting abnormal cells can steadily accumulate in the blood until treated.

Both adults and children can develop acute lymphocytic leukemia, although the condition is much more common in children. Treatment typically varies from patient to patient, but in many cases, complete remission is possible with an aggressive, individualized treatment plan.

Our Approach

At Moffitt Cancer Center, our Malignant Hematology Program is dedicated to helping patients achieve long-term remission from cancers of the blood and bone marrow. Our team has extensive experience in treating a variety of hematologic malignancies, including acute lymphocytic leukemia and other types of leukemia. At Moffitt, patients can access:

  • Advanced diagnostic services, with all blood work processed on-site by our specially trained pathologists
  • Comprehensive, completely individualized treatment plans that incorporate today’s most effective leukemia treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy and radioimmunotherapy
  • Opportunities to access novel treatments that are not yet widely available elsewhere through our robust clinical trials program
  • Consultations with a collaborative team of medical professionals ranging from medical oncologists and radiation oncologists to hematologists, transplant specialists and immunologists, all in a single, convenient location
  • Supportive care services to address each patient’s emotional and social needs, manage the side effects of treatment and improve quality of life outcomes
  • Follow-up care and consistent monitoring once the cancer is in remission

Patients can benefit from our unique, multispecialty approach to acute lymphocytic leukemia treatment with or without referrals. To schedule an appointment with our Malignant Hematology Program, call 1-888-663-3488 or complete a new patient registration form online.