Brain Tumor Types

According to the American Brain Tumor Association, more than 120 types of cancer can develop in the brain or central nervous system. However, many of these cancers are extremely rare. The majority of brain tumors fall into one of the following classifications: 

Sometimes, other types of cancer can metastasize (spread) to the brain. When this happens, the tumor in the brain is still considered to be the original type of cancer (e.g., lung cancer or breast cancer), but it is referred to as a metastatic brain tumor. Additionally, cancers of the central nervous system are often grouped with brain cancers.

At Moffitt Cancer Center, patients can seek treatment for any type of brain or nervous system cancer. We treat primary brain cancers – including rare tumor types – as well as secondary brain metastases. Whereas other oncologists may only treat a few patients with brain cancer throughout their entire careers, the specialized team in Moffitt’s Neuro-Oncology Program is dedicated solely to the treatment of tumors in the brain and central nervous system. 

Not only does Moffitt have a team of highly experienced neuro-oncologists and brain cancer specialists, but we also offer an assortment of advanced treatments in one convenient location. We understand that each of the brain tumor types responds differently to treatment, so we are equipped to provide a complete range of prospective therapies, including surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, genetic therapies, biological therapies and clinical trials. Our multispecialty team will create a comprehensive treatment plan for each patient, taking into consideration the patient’s brain cancer type and grade, overall health and individual needs. 

For more information about brain tumor types and how they are treated at Moffitt Cancer Center, contact our team at 1-888-663-3488. No referral is required; you can set up an appointment online through our new patient registration form.